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So my roommate and I were sitting around at 2am last night discussing the Clint Eastwood movies, Every Which Way but Loose and Any Which Way You Can, when we got onto the topic of what sort of stats the main character, Philo Beddoe, would have on tabletop. Long story short, it got pretty ridiculous and we eventually settled down on a set of rules that are entirely inane. Here they are:

Philo Beddoe

Points 1000
WS- 4
S- 3
T- 10
W- 10
I- 7
A- 10
Ld- 10
Sv- 2+


His Fists
Philo Beddoe is armed with his best weapons: his fists.

Clyde is Philo's best friend orangutan. Trained in dismantling cars, Clyde provides Philo an extra d6 for armor penetration rolls.

Special Rules:

Fists of a God
Philo Beddoe's attacks are resolved at Strength 10 and ignore armor saves.

Bare-Knuckle Champion
Philo Beddoe always hits on a 2+.

One-Two Punch
Philo Beddoe rerolls all failed rolls to hit.

Resilience of Ages
Philo Beddoe has a save of 2+ which he may reroll if failed. This is a special save that can always be used even against things which normally don't allow any saves. He is also immune to Instant Death.

Sun-Hardened Skin
Philo Beddoe has Toughness 10.

Squirrel in a Tree
Philo Beddoe may infiltrate.

Infinitely Likeable
If Philo Beddoe is ever reduced to 0 wounds, both he and the unit that killed him are removed from play as they have become such good friends.

Special Attack:

Orville's Antics
Once every Shooting Phase, Philo's brother, Orville, gets into some sort of mischief with his enemy. Roll a d6 and consult to following table:

1 - Are Those Guys Coming for Me?: Orville has been discovered and runs away. Nothing happens.

2 - They're Coming for You!: Orville warns Philo of an imminent attack. Philo is counted as being armed with defensive grenades.

3 - Woo! Ten Points!: Orville drives his truck into an enemy unit. Nominate one unit on the board, this unit is immediately subject to a Tank Shock attack. Death or Glory attacks have no effect.

4 - Get the Truck.: Orville climbs into his trusty tow truck and drives Philo somewhere else. Philo may immediately be moved an unlimited distance. This does not affect his assault.

5 - The Bikes, You Dummies!: Orville steals important gear from the enemy. Nominate a unit in the enemy's army. This unit must immediately test their unmodified leadership or fall back. This indicates that they are running to save their gear. Fearless models are affected by this.

6 - No Parking Zone.: Orville tows an enemy vehicle up to 2d6 inches in any direction. This may not place the vehicle in impassible terrain or in base contact with any models or off the table edge.
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