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Hello my fellow heretics! Despite the title I am not turning to Eldar players only. In this thread I would like to hear and discuss homemade Aspect Warrors. Both those you have yourself as an Eldar player but also if you non-eldar has faced off against any.

We know from Eldar fluff that there are many Aspect that do not have any place in the Codex. The Slicing Orbs of Zandros is one we know only by name. There is also a picture in an older codex showing an Eldar warrior with something that looks like a Fusion Gun and a sword, maybe anyother Aspect we don't have a name for. So the fluff leaves a great window for homebrewing and sculpting/converting.

So, back to the question. Have you fielded or have you met a homebrewed Aspect? And if you have rules for one please post!

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Twilight Wardens
Excells at combating deamons, and their fighting style is inspired by Khaines hate for the Chaos Gods, charging them in a storm of blows.
Type: Infantry
Unit size: 5-10
Wargear: Kusari, Ward Mask, Aspect Armour (Exarch has Heavy Aspect Armour)
Kusari is a two-handed weapon that grants the user +1A and has the following profile. S-user Ap- Alpha Strike, Deamonbane.
Ward Mask: The Ward Mask shields the wearer from the horrors of the warp. A model equipped with a Ward Mask is immune to Fear.

Rules: Ancient Doom, Fleet, Battle Focus, Path of Peril.
Alpha Strike: Before combat is joined, a modell with this rule may make one additional attack at I10.
Deamonbane: The weapon is atuned to shatter the immaterium. Any deamon is wounded on 2+.
Path of Peril: The path of the Twilight Wardens is the most challenging of all the aspects of Khaine. Many loose themselves on this path so any squad may take one Exarch for every five Wardens.

Exarch Upgrades
Dual Kusari: Grants +2A and two attacks at I10 due to Alpha Strike
S-user Ap- Alpha Strike, Deamonbane.
Sunsari: Sheeted in unreal power this kusari slices through armour like nothing. Grants +1A.
S-user Ap3 Alpha Strike, Deamonbane.
Moonsari: Instead of a thin blade at the end of the chain, Moonsari holds a heavy ball of iron.
S-user+2 Ap- Alpha Strike, Deamonbane, Concussive.

Exarch Powers:
Battle Fortune

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Slicing Orbs of Zandros

An Aspect that excels in synchronized close-range skirmish tactics against light to medium infantry and against foes who outnumber them.
Type: Infantry
Unit size: 5 fpr 90 pts. Add up to 5 additional models for +18 pts each. Upgrade one model to an exarch for +10 pts.
Wargear: Xiphos and Aspis, Javelin, Aspect Armour (Exarch has Heavy Aspect Armour)
Xiphos and Aspis: The Xiphos blades and Aspis shields used by the Slicing Orbs are meticulously crafted. Veteran bone singers must be able to draw into existence a near-perfect wraithbone sphere. They must also carefully coax a gentle warp essence to take residence within it, often a pure and ancient soul whose demise came before the time of Chaos. This semi-sentient sphere is then cut apart into the weapons of a single squad, each pair having a psychic connection to the others as a single entity which guides the defensive and offensive formations of the Slicing Orbs. Xiphos and Aspis count as a pair of close combat weapons. Additionally, a unit with at least five pairs of Xiphos and Aspis have the Preferred Enemy special rule and a 5+ invulnerable save.
S: User AP: 5

Range:12" S:3 Ap:- Type: Assault 1

Rules: Ancient Doom, Fleet, Battle Focus, Path of Peril, Counter-Attack.
Synchronized Strike: The weapons of the Slicing Blades make their first strike as if the many limbs of a single entity. During the first round of any assault the Slicing Orbs have the Rending special ability.

Exarch Upgrades
Thorakitai (+20) From time to time the Warp offers up a perfect sphere, often in tandem with the rise of a particularly gifted Slicing Orb. From the core of this the two-handed Thorakitai blade can be drawn as a gift to the new exarch. This two-handed sword acts in concert with the squad as a whirling offensive apex around which the defensive formation dances. An Exarch with a Thorakitai gains an invulnerable save of 6+. They gain +1 to their invulnerable save and +1 attack for every 3 Xiphos and Aspis in the unit.
S:+1 AP:4 Type: Two-handed

Spirit Amplifier (+25) When the spirit of the Slicing Orb's weapons draw the blood of the enemies it rejoices with a shrill psychic cry. The exarch psychically links his weapon's spirit to loud amplification modules on their hips, amplifying that cry audibly and psychically such that it is unbearable to the enemy. It crushes their spirits, endues suicidal fits and when the spirit is thoroughly soaked in their blood it downright fries their brains. If at the end of the assault phase the enemy has taken casualties against the Slicing Orbs they take 1D6 additional hits at S1 with +1 strength for every casualty taken. Roll to-wound against the targets LD value.

Exarch Powers:
Crushing Blow
Disarming Strike
Shield of Grace

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I know it isn't homemade but you have the one that was in Imperial Armour 11 (I think)

http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Downloads/Product/PDF/I/Irillyth-2.pdf for the Shadow Spectre Phoenix Lord


http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Downloads/Product/PDF/s/shadowspectres.pdf for the Shadow Spectre Aspect Warriors

Sooo love these guys in Eldar armies. Jetpacks are great, 5/4+ cover saves. Guns that can ruin vehicles due to nice strength and lance rules. Haywire launcher for that added punch... Moving in and out of cover and still being able to shoot.

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I must say the Aspect Warriors already included are great!
I'm thinking of converting and using them myself.
Aren't the Incubi supposed to be "fallen" Aspect Warriors, as they were taught by Arhra?
Anyway, here's my thoughts, based on a passing mention in the book "The Path of the Warrior":

The Crystal Dragons
Flamer specialists, the Crystal Dragons employ unique flamers to flush enemies out of entrenched positions.
Type: Infantry

Unit size: 5-10

Wargear: Crystal Flamers, Plasma Grenades, Aspect Armour (Exarch is Heavy Aspect Armour)
Crystal Flamers are unique amongst the Eldar Aspects, as they do no truly kill their target. Instead, anyone touched by the flickering flames of a Crystal Flamer will find themselves crystallising at an alarming rate, similarly to the Farseers of the Craftworld once they reach a certain age. As a result of this transformation, the victim is left alive within their form, however they are unable to move, trapped in their crystal prison until released after the battle, by one means or another…
Crystal Flamer Range: template S4 AP5 Assault 1, Force

Rules: Ancient Doom, Fleet, Battle Focus, Psyker (Mastery level 1)

Psychic Disciplines: Force

Exarch Upgrades:
Heavy Crystal Flamer
Exarchs who have trodden the Path of the Crystal Dragon for many years are sometimes entitled to wield a specialised version of the regular Crystal Flamer:
Heavy Crystal Flamer: Range: Template S5 AP4 Assault 1, Force
Some Exarchs prefer to face their foes face-to-face, with a blade in hand and let them feel the teeth of the Crystal Dragon of Khaine bite into them.

Exarch Powers: Crack Shot, Battle Fortune, Shield of Grace, Fear

Wraithguard with D-Sythes have possibly stolen rather a lot of their thunder, but oh well. I've written the rules now, might as well publish them.

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A while ago I created a few random aspects. They really have no current position in the fluff so they are just for fun. The first is the Unrelenting Mace Aspect. They are basically Aspect Tanks:

Heavy Support — Unrelenting Maces — 130 Points

Unrelenting Mace ------------4-----12----12---11--3
Unrelenting Mace Exarch ----5-----12----12---11--3

Unit Type: Vehicle (Fast, Skimmer, Tank)
Unit Composition: 1 Unrelenting Mace

Wargear: Two Shuriken Cannons
-Chain Cannon
-Crystal Shielding

Special Rule: It Will Not Die
-Perfect Strike (Unrelenting Mace Exarch only)
-Unrelenting Fleetness

Options: May exchange both Shuriken Cannons for one of the following:
-Two Scatter Lasers: 10 Points
-Spike Carbine and Mace Defence Matrix: 15 Points
One Unrelenting Mace per detachment may be upgraded to a Unrelenting Mace Exarch: 20 Points
The Unrelenting Mace Exarch may exchange his Chain Cannon for a Laswipe: 20 Points
The Unrelenting Mace Exarch may take up to two of the following Exarch powers:
-Night Vision: 5 Points
-Marksman’s Eye: 10 Points
-Fast Shot: 10 Points

Wargear: Shuriken Cannon: See Eldar codex
-Chain Cannon: This is a ranged weapon with the following:

Rng S AP Type
36” 5 4 Heavy 5, Shred
-Crystal Shielding: Whenever an Unrelenting Mace suffers a hit against its front armour, the hit is resolved against Armour Value 13. Each time a glancing hit is suffered against this armour value 13, mark it down as hitting the shield, not the vehicle. Once the third glancing hit is suffered, the shield becomes useless and hits are allocated to the Unrelenting Mace as usual. Whenever the Crystal Shield suffers a Penetrating Hit, it is disabled immediately.

Special Rules: It Will Not Die: See Warhammer 40000 rulebook
-Perfect Strike: See Eldar codex
-Unrelenting Fleetness: A model with this special rule may move Flat Out and fire in the same turn.


-Spike Carbine: This is a ranged weapon with the following profile:

Rng S AP Type
24” 4 4 Heavy 3, Rending
-Mace Defence Matrix: Any enemy model in base contact with the Unrelenting Mace with a Mace Defence Matrix must pass a Toughness test if it wishes to attack the vehicle. If passed, it may make a single attack against the vehicle, and may not attack with grenades. If failed, the model may not attack but instead suffers a single Strength 6 AP 4 hit with the Ignores Cover and Strikedown special rules.

-Laswipe: This is a ranged weapon with the following profile:

Range S AP Type
12+D6” 6 3 Heavy 1, Lance, Swipe
-Swipe: To fire a Laswipe, select two points on the battlefield, each 12+D6” away (roll separately for each) and within 8” of each other. Any model (friend or foe) inside this arc must take an Initiative test. Enemy models have a -1 Initiative modifier for this test, while friendly models may re-roll the test if failed. Each unit suffers an amount of hits with the above profile equal to how many members of their unit failed their test. Models with Initiative 1 or no Initiative automatically fail the test.
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