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This will require an understanding of the rules. More importantly it will also require fundamental English skills.

Here's the only other post on the interweb that I could find.


Basically, this is a Pask "Crack Shot" ruling, unique to the 5th edition IG codex.

This rule will only ever apply to a tank with Pask at the helm.

Specifically, this rule will only ever apply to a tank with Pask the helm of a Vanquisher and/or a tank with multi-melta sponsons.

The Crack Shot rules says "when firing against a vehicle, all shots add +1 to any armour penetration rollS." Note the plural.

or "when firing at a monstrous creature, any hits that failed to wound may be re-rolled."

I've read the IG codex a million times over and I've never caught this before. Then again I've never played a vanquisher, as it is a niche tank. However a tank that fires (with Pask) a S8 + 2d6 + 2 is very, very impressive. It is still a niche tank (an expensive niche tank) but it will do it's sole job well.

I have to be honest, after reading the rule for an hour, I believe that the second roll granted by the Vanquisher, counts as an "any armour penetration roll."
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