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The Paragons of Light

“From chaos we create order – from darkness we create light – from blood we create brotherhood”


The Paragons of Light chapter is an ordained and secretive order of Space Marines. They expose themselves to none other than the Inquisition and even their brethren chapters know little to nothing about them. They are ritualistic and pious men who indulge in their shared love for the Emperor and vehemently follow their creed. To eventually restore the schism of the Imperium and rid it of its internal suffering is every paragon's inspiration.
Though a very high and far-fetched ambition, the Paragons of Light believe they hold the key to freeing humanity of the hold of usurper plague which is known as Chaos. Bold and fearless they spread across the stars uprooting Chaos from the many worlds they encounter.​

Chapter Founding

In light of an everlasting Imperial siege of a planet, resulting in a Pyrrhic victory for the assaulting forces. The Inquisition permitted a founding of a new chapter to be forged, in wake of the suffering that occurred in order to prevent such catastrophe from occurring again.

The world as far from Holy Terra as it was, had a previously unknown strategic significance and became a righteous bastion against the Chaos forces within nearby sectors.

Created from the gene-seed of the Imperial Fists after the 21st founding. The chapter struggles to maintain genetic purity and has become a ghostly echo in the records of the Imperium - due to the remote location of its homeworld.

This chapter has many features based on the Black Templars, Dark Angels, and Ultramarines chapters. It also has a few unique features of its own, which are purpose derived for battle and banishing heretics.


Adonis being the homeworld of the Paragons of Light, nearest to the 'Storm of the Emperor's Wrath' in the Segmentum Solar. The sector is polluted with ionic storms making travel difficult and dangerous.

The population previously decimated by the war which founded its guardians, now teeming with industry, commerce, agriculture and more. Though most of the massive planet remains uninhabitable, cities sprawl across it's lush jungle terrain and even stretches into the wastelands of its desert. The main hive and its environs of suburbs can be seen from orbit, with the bulk of it flowing into the desert.

Their Fortress-Monastery a close guarded secret known only to the Space Marines who dwell there. It is well hidden within a mountain somewhere on the planet of Adonis. Some rumour it to be in the harsh desert plains, while others speculate its presence in the polar ice cap.


The chapter consists of several fraternities each being a component in a larger contingency force which is charged with specialized battlefield roles. There's a separate governing and unofficial fraternity comprised of all the masters, commanders, and honourary officials. Each contingency has a more investigative/offensive/defensive role than another, though all are equally responsible to react to any given situation they may find themselves in.

The 'Supreme Grand Master' being a very ceremonial, administrative and diplomatic position is at the very top. He is the original chapter master and is the most talented strategist amongst his fellow brothers.

The 'Grand Master' is second only to the Supreme Grand Master, but his position being more dutiful in the field of combat, and is usually recognized as the official chapter master - in order to avoid confusion and protect his superior.

'Paragon-Commander' being at the head of a fraternity, usually commands within 50-150 Space Marines. Each contingency elects one Commander to take charge of a single campaign or designated mobilization, whenever necessary.

'Heralded-Paragons' are the elites of the chapter. Having finally earned their very own colours from countless victories in battle. The expected entry age to this tier is commonly after 100 years of valorous service.

'Paragons' are the usual veterans. It is from this status that a warrior may chose the path of the Librarius, Ecclesiarchy, Apothecarion, or the Adeptus Mechanicus.

'Knight' is the official title held by all inexperienced or those lacking of victory. These are the standard Space Marines, who are constantly trying to earn the approval of their champions in combat. Only a champion or a chaplain may bare witness to and approve the succession of a knight. To become a true paragon of light one must have seen many battles or must have received enlightened guidance from the Emperor.

'Apprentices' are the scouts and aspiring warriors. Though most prefer to ascend the hierarchy, those whom choose to stay at this tier are not easily admitted. Rigorous trials, battles, and lone-wolf missions is how one must prove himself worthy enough to be responsible for the chapter's field reconnaissance. To be entrusted with bearing a lord commander's message is a very honourable and admired task.

'Squire' is the title bestowed to a young and eager recruit. Squires must be elected by their peers to participate in apprenticeship before being allowed to wear the glorified armour of a Space Marine. Though most are speedily picked by the desperate forces of the chapter, some remain as servants and assistants to the Supreme Grand Master in his homestead of the Fortress Monastery.

Chapter Creed​

The chapter's main goal to progressively expel chaos from the Imperium is but one primitive goal of many principals and values the Paragons hold dear.

Their main focus is not only to push the Chaos forces back, but to restore many lost worlds, regain many ruinous territories, and to strengthen faith in the Imperium itself. A great many countless souls have been lost to the dismay of decaying administration, heresies, and xenos invasions.

Although Paragons are expected to become bright zealous warriors of his holy Emperor's wrath, they also forbid fanatical and radical ideology and rituals. Fanaticism only leads to extremism. Radicalism only leads to segregation. They believe the best way of maintaining the glory of the Imperium, is by cooperating - even with their potential adversaries - in the name of the Emperor.

And so is the main creed of the chapter:

Litany of Knighthoods
-With these words I read that follow, the Paragons of the Imperium shall call me “brother”.
-I am a warrior, a holy man, brethren to fellow space marines.
-I am a Paragon, my holy duty supersedes that of my personal desires.
-We are the warriors of light and wisdom.
-My commander’s touch shall not fear, lest his words dare interfere.
-My brothers – my masters. We serve the Imperium, together as one.
-Those who fall, I shall spare a hand – turn his eyes to me and bless this man.
-Sisters, brothers, weak and strong. Imperial strongholds cast afar.
-All those who bow to my might, I will lift their heads and help them fight.
-We serve our masters from far and wide, our home called “Adonis” was given rebirth from strife.
-In all battles to which I claim glory, there be a chaplain to deliver the Emperor’s worthy.
-I feel neither fear nor pride, a chaplain’s light shall put all emotions aside.
-Wisdom and honour replace emotions. Faith and loyalty become my plan and battle.
-My commander directs me, the chaplains guide us, apothecaries tend the wounded, and librarians pave our path.
-If I follow a champion, I exact his wrath.
-I now accept the warrior’s creed. My lust for glory shall not turn to greed.
-I am a Paragon, and a warrior knight.

There are also 7 core principals of the Paragons of Light chapter, each being sequentially revealed at a new stage of knighthood.

Brief History​

I've been writing a short-story which eludes to the founding of the Paragons of Light chapter, but to keep things quick and easy, here's a brief explanation of how things came to be:

It all started when a long forgotten world at the far reach of the Segmentum Solar, came under a massive warp storm. The planet was home to many great forges and libraries, all of which contained highly valuable technology from the Age of Darkness. This was all of course lost to the warp storm.
However, in more recent times, the warp storm had cleared and the planet was discovered by mere fluke. It was a valiant warrior of the Black Templars whom had first discovered the planet in ancient imperial records. After dispatching a scouting party, a strange demonic presence was detected and at the behest of a kabal of chaplains, the planet was invaded by a force a few hundred Space Marines strong.

Soon enough, more forces were called in as the Inquisition received word that 3 fully sized companies of Space Marines were fighting. They were fighting against archaic remnants of Imperial Army regiments, unknown Xenos, and rumours of Chaos Daemons present.

Bloodshed unending and corpses piling up, the only way to stop this horrendous tide of Chaos was to have Exterminatus called. By a miracle whim on behalf of the 3 separate company commanders, the Exterminatus was held-off by the discovery of an ancient fortress with evidence of lost technologies at hand. Such technologies could greatly improve space travel, improve combat techniques, and more.

The journey ended-up becoming more of a long drawn out war, than a simple battle meant to quell a potential uprising. Soon others were called in to help in order to finally crush the heresy and attempt to acquire the lost ancient secrets.

Though 3 companies were insufficient to merely hold back this tide of confusion and disarray, let alone be able to quash it. A small group of Grey Knights were called in alongside a few whole regiments of Imperial Guardsmen. The Imperial Guardsmen garrisoned the long standing central hive, which appeared to be falling apart due to a lack of proper maintenance. And the surrounding areas. The Space Marines slowly pushed back the lines of native rebels, cultists, mutants, xenos, and demons.
Once the horde was lastly subsided for the time being, the Grey Knights set out with a small contingency of Space Marines and Guardsmen to put an end to the conflict and lastly bring peace to the hostile planet's surface.

During their mini-crusade across the planet's surface, they encounter many strange foes as well as many exposed mineral deposits, rich with raw materials required of the Imperial armoury. When they came to the final steps of their journey, a massive encampment of xenos hordes and Chaos cult worshippers were found tattering alongside monstrous daemons of the warp. This was the second most costly victory on Adonis, next to defeating a summoned greater daemon.

Lasting decades, the mission - now full-on campaign - came to a brutal end. The Inquisition being very pleased with the final - though very costly - victory, permitted the founding of a chapter to help keep the peace and prevent Chaos from ever again invading this rich world.
Notably, seizing the strategic value of another forge world in a resource rich sector, was unavoidable at this point.

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Nice work mate. Do you have Mini's to along with this?
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