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Paper Waagh!

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Being cheap like I am. I decided that the money needed for a proper waagh was way too much for me.

To that end, I decided that I had more time than money and decided to make myself a paper waagh. Whyle my fellow players initially scoffed at my "Tube" army. They have since come to realize that because of it, I have practically everything in the Ork Codex, then some.

I decided I would share the files with you guys here. Enjoy!
File Folder: http://www.mediafire.com/?2iz1ibjbghluh

All files are in .pptx format. (Microsoft PowerPoint 2007+) You can download the entire zip file, or merely the individual files you want.

Please keep in mind that all figures and models are designed to be simply Print>Cut>Glue>Play. The vehicles ARE NOT designed to mimic the look of a WWG style ork model. They will be recognizable for what they are, but they will not win any beauty contests. This also means that the models are "smooth." The models have textures printed on the pattern. Unfortunately this means unless you have photoshop/ppt skills, you will not be able to add in alot of customization unless you glue on spare parts. However, if you are on the cheap like I am, it works and works well.


Ork Paper Army: Includes tube proxies of every ork figurine in the codex. Base size when rolled and glued should approximate the standard base size. I use tubes instead of paper cutouts because tubes allow for better LOS (I.E. 3d tube vs 2d cutout.) Heights may not be perfect, but the tubes are perfectly usable, just remember if you can see the tube, you can see the model.

Big Gunz: This file contains what amounts to a big metal looking cannon. The original shape WAS an enlarged cannon from a paper galleon. This shape has been re-skinned to give it a metallic look. Its not the prettiest figure on the table, but it will get the job done.

Truck: Yes, its the Ork Trukk! This figure will resemble a flat-bed truck when complete. It actually has enough room to hold 10 25mm tube figures. Not quite the 12 That its supposed to.

Battlewagon: This is probably the most complex of the paper models. Its body comes in 3 sections. And has parts for 3 variations of deffrolla. There is a simple steam-rolla, a 3-rotary saw blade -rolla, and a combine thresher style rolla.

Tank: This model is a fairly simple looking tank. Its mildly comical looking with a gun a bit too big for it, but works well as a Looted Wagon, or as grot tanks.

[/b]Pulsa Rokkit This monstrosity stands over a foot high when complete. Its designed to be free standing, as such, it does not have the launcher as seen in the book. Oddly enough (pure coincidence) it seems to fit pretty well if layed into a Trukk.

While not in this set of downloads, I am also working on an Ork Stompa. :)

I'm redesigning my Deff Dread and my Killa Kans as they just weren't working. I have yet to figure out a decent way to do Bikes, Buggies, or Trakks.

Here are Pics for my Paper Waagh!
Unfortunately some of the pics are out of focus, but here goes!

Vehicle Samples:

All at Once:

My Looted Wagon/Grot Tank

Big Gunzz (i'm Currently sitting at 9 of these things)


The BattleWagonz

Pulsa Rokkit

Tube Boyz

What do you guys think?

PS the Tubes are now in color. But the original print offs were in BW for ink purposes.
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This post struck me as implying that you thought you were smarter for doing it your way.
At that point I was a little snippy since people had all but called me the son of satan for doing what I was doing... I don't really care all that much, but even in a flame retardant suit, it got a little warm from some people's hate.

I'd be interested to know what was the main download Itybih2ku.

Is it the vehicles or the ork roll infantry? This is totally out of curiosity as that isnt a bad number of downloads.
The biggest download has been battlewagons by far. 61 downloads for those. The Tube Boys came in a close second with about 53 downloads. My guess is that the battle wagons are up there because its cheaper by far than the 60/wagon. The tubes make very decent proxies for anyone who wants to use them.

(I wouldn't be surprised if some of those downloads are from the haters, but they refuse to admit it.)

And for anyone who wants to point it out. The 172 is a total number of downloads of the various files.
Well I suppose that if this works for you and the people you play with then more power to you. Personally, I wouldn't get any satisfaction from playing with (or against) paper mockups, mostly because it ruins the suspension of disbelief (same goes for bad terrain by the way).

I've actually played a game with paper mockups once, to introduce a co-worker to 40K when I didn't have the miniatures handy. It was not anywhere near satisfying compared to a game with fully painted miniatures.
And for anyone who wants to point it out. The 172 is a total number of downloads of the various files.
You'd probably have a hell of a lot more downloads if your download hosting site wasn't so damned annoying to use! :ireful2:

woog out!
You'd probably have a hell of a lot more downloads if your download hosting site wasn't so damned annoying to use! :ireful2:

woog out!
I've not tried to download from it so I'm completely unaware of any such problems.... :(

I'll see if there's anything I can do.

Edit: I'm not sure what the annoyance is. However, I have added a ZIP file to the downloads section so that you can download all of it at once. I originally put them up separately so that people could grab only what they wanted, and I could add new files as needed.
it was a while that i tried, i can't remember what specifically annoyed me but i remember thinking... this is a pain in the ass.

woog out!
221 - 225 of 225 Posts
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