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Paper Waagh!

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Being cheap like I am. I decided that the money needed for a proper waagh was way too much for me.

To that end, I decided that I had more time than money and decided to make myself a paper waagh. Whyle my fellow players initially scoffed at my "Tube" army. They have since come to realize that because of it, I have practically everything in the Ork Codex, then some.

I decided I would share the files with you guys here. Enjoy!
File Folder: http://www.mediafire.com/?2iz1ibjbghluh

All files are in .pptx format. (Microsoft PowerPoint 2007+) You can download the entire zip file, or merely the individual files you want.

Please keep in mind that all figures and models are designed to be simply Print>Cut>Glue>Play. The vehicles ARE NOT designed to mimic the look of a WWG style ork model. They will be recognizable for what they are, but they will not win any beauty contests. This also means that the models are "smooth." The models have textures printed on the pattern. Unfortunately this means unless you have photoshop/ppt skills, you will not be able to add in alot of customization unless you glue on spare parts. However, if you are on the cheap like I am, it works and works well.


Ork Paper Army: Includes tube proxies of every ork figurine in the codex. Base size when rolled and glued should approximate the standard base size. I use tubes instead of paper cutouts because tubes allow for better LOS (I.E. 3d tube vs 2d cutout.) Heights may not be perfect, but the tubes are perfectly usable, just remember if you can see the tube, you can see the model.

Big Gunz: This file contains what amounts to a big metal looking cannon. The original shape WAS an enlarged cannon from a paper galleon. This shape has been re-skinned to give it a metallic look. Its not the prettiest figure on the table, but it will get the job done.

Truck: Yes, its the Ork Trukk! This figure will resemble a flat-bed truck when complete. It actually has enough room to hold 10 25mm tube figures. Not quite the 12 That its supposed to.

Battlewagon: This is probably the most complex of the paper models. Its body comes in 3 sections. And has parts for 3 variations of deffrolla. There is a simple steam-rolla, a 3-rotary saw blade -rolla, and a combine thresher style rolla.

Tank: This model is a fairly simple looking tank. Its mildly comical looking with a gun a bit too big for it, but works well as a Looted Wagon, or as grot tanks.

[/b]Pulsa Rokkit This monstrosity stands over a foot high when complete. Its designed to be free standing, as such, it does not have the launcher as seen in the book. Oddly enough (pure coincidence) it seems to fit pretty well if layed into a Trukk.

While not in this set of downloads, I am also working on an Ork Stompa. :)

I'm redesigning my Deff Dread and my Killa Kans as they just weren't working. I have yet to figure out a decent way to do Bikes, Buggies, or Trakks.

Here are Pics for my Paper Waagh!
Unfortunately some of the pics are out of focus, but here goes!

Vehicle Samples:

All at Once:

My Looted Wagon/Grot Tank

Big Gunzz (i'm Currently sitting at 9 of these things)


The BattleWagonz

Pulsa Rokkit

Tube Boyz

What do you guys think?

PS the Tubes are now in color. But the original print offs were in BW for ink purposes.
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They look like shit and i wouldnt allow them to be used, even for paper templates they are poor models, save paper and printer ink and just use a tin of beans

To all those who disapprove:

Thanks for the feedback. I posted these to share for anyone to use. I do not really care for you're opinion. I also do not care that you would rather me spend the 100s of dollars to field this. I will continue to use these as I see fit. If you REALLY have a problem with people using them, the only one truly losing out is you. As you are now losing out on an opponent.
Well the same could be said for you, because you are not willing to invest in models you are quite likely putting off opponents, as other have said the game of 40k is a miniature based wargame, By all means look for ways to save money on models but at the very least show your opponent a level of respect and scratch build or convert a cheap kit.

Plus to be honest the ork army is one of the cheapest and most versatile and convertible armies for those on a tight budget, and you can pretty much scratchbuild and convert any model and field it as an ork vehicle not to mention you can pick up Ork boys from the AOBR for a pittance on ebay.

Personally i find proxy's disrespectful (unless its for rule test purposes), i will let someone use a predator as a rhino for an odd game, but if you want to upturn a bucket and call it a stompa your shit out of luck and the same goes for paper models.

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To be honest Alice this is how forums work, people post things and the members either agree or disagree in opinion, if we simply decided to agree to disagree it would be a pretty boring place.

You failed to grasp my meaning..... Unsuprising.

well maybe you should explain it to me?

True. But it takes no real time to re-build. The tubes take 5 min or less for a page of 16 minis. Plus, they'll still last a VERY long time with small amount of care.

To put it another way, If someone accidentally breaks your battle wagon you are out 60 bucks, + Construction and painting time.

I'm out 6 sheets of paper, and about 2 hours of work.
you can try to justify them all you want but at the end of the day you have produced them because you either cant afford or dont want to pay for the actual models, which on this kinda level just defeats being involved in the hobby, I could stretch and say that the vehicles i can understand the point, but making paper tubes for ork infantry is just a step too far for me.
Like i said it just shows a huge lack of respect for the game and your opponent, but if your Ok with it that's great and if your completely sure your gaming group is Ok with it thats great too, personally i feel they are either humoring you or possibly just laughing at you behind your back and what you consider "ribbing" may actually them being diplomatic about your army.

Remember guys, modeling is just *one* aspect of the hobby. Paper Waagh, as he is now officially named (No, you don't get a say in it. :p), obviously doesn't like the modeling aspect. There is *nothing* wrong about that, and the methods he is using here allow him to enjoy the other two, especially gaming, more. If you wouldn't play against this army, I'd say that you're just too caught up in your high opinion of your own models, and the time you've spent on them, to ever think that maybe, just maybe, other people don't enjoy it as much as you do.
thanks for the - rep :laugh:

sorry but i have to disagree, Modeling is not just an "aspect" you can chuck away, he still needs game pieces and these paper tubes are dare i say it "models" and in his own words he is too cheap to buy the actual models so proxy's an army with paper.
If this was just a case of he couldnt afford to be in the hobby and was looking for a way to have a playable army while slowly collecting the Orks,then i would be the first to congratulate him for his ingenuity.

If some guy showed up week in week out to your club with this paper ork army would you honestly keep playing him ?bearing in mind he has said its because he wont fork out for the models, he can but he wont?

I thought there was a strict anti-flaming rule one this website. OK, you dont like it fine. Dont comment. Theres no need to be all 'you shit. I hate you for doing this. You killed the game.' So lets stop with all that. Its been said before, and I'm making that call again.
On the other hand, I do agree that modeling and painting are cruical parts of the hobby, and you are definaly misssing out if you dont own a few minis.

I think this thread is just going to de-rail into a endless debate on proxy-ing so lets just leave with the saying: If you havent anything nice to say, dont say anything at all.
im sure if the MODS see anything they are not happy with they will act so no need to worry, plus im not sure that this thread can be derailed into a debate about proxying when the opening post was about paper orks, if we were now talking about donkey killing you may have a case for a derailed thread.

Seings how you sell GW miniatures and parts I can see why you are against it B&K, simple business sense really.

I have a trade account with Staples so if your genuinely interested paper Orks, i do you special price!!

Pretty cool A good way to see if something works before buying it.
He aint buying it, thats his actual army

I'm still at a loss as to why MY choice of playing this game leaves YOU butt hurt.

But to each his own.

Its pretty simple to understand and its not about your choice to play 40k, but the way you have chosen to play it, by your actions you are cheapening the game for others (your game group)but you cant see it or want to admit it, Its like saying your a big fan of the band Queen, but your music collection is all borrowed,copied or bootlegs,do you think that it might not sit well with other Queen fans if you went along to a weekly Queen application club or posted on a Queen fan forum?.
But if you had bought cheap Queen albums from bargain bins or from ebay because you didnt want to pay the shop price, im sure Queen fans wouldn't have an issue.

I have had a few people minus rep me because of this thread(thanks again) and for some reason they feel i am in the wrong because Itybih2ku is poor and cant afford the models, can i ask that before you start dishing out minus rep that you take a moment and read all 11 pages and not jump to conclusions that hes making paper Orks because hes poor, in his own words he has done this because hes cheap which is his choice.If he simply couldn't afford the models but still wanted to play and came out and said so that would be completely different.

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i like boobs like my orks, real ! and green

let the thread die people

(I think you get my point on this subject...)
are you sure they are all horses? they look alot like......

Except he's flat out said multiple times that he only plays with his friends. Do you really think any sort of tournament is going to allow paper tube models?

People, think. Please. >_<
Yes and only friends would allow someone to get away with it and even then its more likely they are humouring him so they get a game, even if it means its a game against paper tubes.

Yes this hobby should be about having fun, but i feel that someone playing with paper orks is quite likely to be having fun at the expense of the other players fun. We are talking about a "miniature wargame" so by its definition is a game of war using miniatures, I cant see a reason for defending someone's obviously selfish choice to want to be part of a miniature wargame hobby but not use miniatures,I dont care how he got the models, or how much he paid, or even if they are GW models or even if they are painted(he didnt even use colour ink on the tube orks!!!!), but the minimum you would have to expect is for a player to show up to a game with an army of miniatures??

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If it really takes away from his friend's fun so much, then they'd stop playing him.

As for the whole "but this is a miniatures game!" thing, I agree. It's a miniatures game. But if people are happy playing with paper tubes, then who gives a shit? Unless you're playing against his Paper Waaagh! personally then there's no reason to complain.

Live and let live.
I agree with your live and let live sentiment, what he does with his buddies is his own business, but he came here to share his idea with the forum and was very unashamedly proud of his cheapness and by doing so he has popped his head above the parapet, so he has to be prepared for people to say "hang on a minute i dont like that because xyz"

Yes live and let live, but this type of thing is worse in my opinion than a PDF codex from pirate bay, 40K is a social game and playing with friends at a friends home or a club is like entering a contract, by agreeing to play 40k with your friends you are also agreeing to field an army of miniatures, hell thats why you get two different sets in the box, tournaments and GW shops aside you still need to put a "fit for purpose" 3d physical representation on the board to play and an ork boy is not a cylinder and with true line of sight the tubes wouldnt be fit for purpose.

If he couldnt afford to play, i would understand, if they were a stop gap, i would understand, if he genuinely was interested in paper modeling and scratch building, i would understand the vehicles, if he was testing out he ork army, i would understand,if he needed several hundred ork boys for an odd apocalypse game, i would understand it at a stretch, But for the love of Mork and Gork dont try and pass off paper tubes for an army to people who have spent thousands of pounds and countless hours building and painting miniatures.

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This is back up top i see XD

It would be interesting to know what the OP is up to now regarding this subject. Does he still use them or has he bought some mini's e.t.c.
Does he even come here anymore!?

he hasnt been back for about a month,maybe hes writing down his posts on paper and blue tacking them to his monitor

I would love to have that paper rocket; it looks cool. The battle wagons are nicely boxy and you could put spare weapons on them. The trucks don't look like the current ork truccks but the current ork trucks don't look like the earlier model trucks either. Actually, these paper trucks, are in some ways better, because you could probably fit all your unit on them. I must admit that I's draw the line at the paper orks though; they still look 3 dimensionsl. Many of my ork vehicles have been made from secondnand children's toys - battery operated tanks, macdonald's toys and a Bob the Builder vehicle with added roller from card tube and toothpick spikes. I have even made killer cans from toy robots and even made a war boss from a toy robot and putty head. They all look awesome and I've had compliments on them. But some have winged about them as not being GW models. My theory is they did so because, they lacked creativity, were narrow minded or were jealous because i did things so cheaply. And yet these same people had used unpainted GW models in games and sometimes even just the bases! So, using an original approach does not disgust me but narrow thinking does. Yes, the 'look' of the game is important but we can be flexible. James
And thats admirable James, in essence taking toys and converting them is what Orks are all about, the looting aspect is one of the best features of the Ork culture and anyone who wants to save money by doing so should be commended, But that isnt what this was all about, this was more about the OP saying " im gonna play the game but i aint spending a bean on the hobby, but my game pieces wont bit fit for the job either, also im bloody clever for doing it too"

What's wrong with a PDF codex?

nothing, as long as it was free to download from an official GW source


See, economics says that if more players were like him, e.g. people who dont want to spend for overpriced plastic men, than GW would actually have to drive prices down if they wanted to stay in business. GW LOVES your mentality because it means they can charge whatever the hell they want- you'll pay for it because, hey, the only real way to play is with proper miniatures, amirite?
Actually what your talking about works in some cases, but in others its perfectly acceptable to sell to fewer people at a higher price to maintain your business, this is particularly true in niche markets, GW could reduce the prices but that would not make middle aged house wives and loads of other demographics suddenly start buying GW products, If GW reduced its prices tommorow by 25% you would spend less, they would make less buy its would be unlikely that you would spend any more money that you had already decided to.

Example your army list needs 2 terminator squads, GW reduce the prices by 25% would you buy 3 squads ? or 2 and keep the saving or buy the 2 and spend the 25% saving on another product you dont need ? the answer is likely all three ,some would buy 3 squads,some would buy two and keep the saving and some would spend up to the budget they had in mind,and the reality of that is GW would not make any more money and most likely would loose money.

And yes miniatures should be used to play miniature based wargames

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Reading the tone and language employed by a number of negative responses I wonder if those replying would speak in the same way in person, or would it depend how big the bloke was? Are some people spending so much time on a computer that they don't know the niceties of proper communication and good manners? frankly a novel idea was presented, helpful to many. I would include some of the paper models if I needed to but would be reluctant to play against the tube orks, just as I don't like playing against unpainted figures but do so to get a game in. But those who want to use them feel free. And since when was saving money a sin? I buy new models when I want them but also second hand ones from flea markets and ebay. I have made models that looked great from cheap toys and cost me less than a dollar. And although most of my ork army is GW it includes at least 4 different series and other manufacturers. james
You seem to have taken this thread very personally, again it isnt about saving money, i would be the first person to congratulate anyone who had come up with a genuine method to save money on this hobby, i relish saving money, i get a genuine happy when i save money on something i want or need, But "saving money" can only be really be claimed if what you have at the end of it is fit for purpose and personally i dont think a paper cylinder ork is a suitable representation of a Ork for a game of 40k ,again saving money isnt a sin.

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