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Paper Waagh!

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Being cheap like I am. I decided that the money needed for a proper waagh was way too much for me.

To that end, I decided that I had more time than money and decided to make myself a paper waagh. Whyle my fellow players initially scoffed at my "Tube" army. They have since come to realize that because of it, I have practically everything in the Ork Codex, then some.

I decided I would share the files with you guys here. Enjoy!
File Folder: http://www.mediafire.com/?2iz1ibjbghluh

All files are in .pptx format. (Microsoft PowerPoint 2007+) You can download the entire zip file, or merely the individual files you want.

Please keep in mind that all figures and models are designed to be simply Print>Cut>Glue>Play. The vehicles ARE NOT designed to mimic the look of a WWG style ork model. They will be recognizable for what they are, but they will not win any beauty contests. This also means that the models are "smooth." The models have textures printed on the pattern. Unfortunately this means unless you have photoshop/ppt skills, you will not be able to add in alot of customization unless you glue on spare parts. However, if you are on the cheap like I am, it works and works well.


Ork Paper Army: Includes tube proxies of every ork figurine in the codex. Base size when rolled and glued should approximate the standard base size. I use tubes instead of paper cutouts because tubes allow for better LOS (I.E. 3d tube vs 2d cutout.) Heights may not be perfect, but the tubes are perfectly usable, just remember if you can see the tube, you can see the model.

Big Gunz: This file contains what amounts to a big metal looking cannon. The original shape WAS an enlarged cannon from a paper galleon. This shape has been re-skinned to give it a metallic look. Its not the prettiest figure on the table, but it will get the job done.

Truck: Yes, its the Ork Trukk! This figure will resemble a flat-bed truck when complete. It actually has enough room to hold 10 25mm tube figures. Not quite the 12 That its supposed to.

Battlewagon: This is probably the most complex of the paper models. Its body comes in 3 sections. And has parts for 3 variations of deffrolla. There is a simple steam-rolla, a 3-rotary saw blade -rolla, and a combine thresher style rolla.

Tank: This model is a fairly simple looking tank. Its mildly comical looking with a gun a bit too big for it, but works well as a Looted Wagon, or as grot tanks.

[/b]Pulsa Rokkit This monstrosity stands over a foot high when complete. Its designed to be free standing, as such, it does not have the launcher as seen in the book. Oddly enough (pure coincidence) it seems to fit pretty well if layed into a Trukk.

While not in this set of downloads, I am also working on an Ork Stompa. :)

I'm redesigning my Deff Dread and my Killa Kans as they just weren't working. I have yet to figure out a decent way to do Bikes, Buggies, or Trakks.

Here are Pics for my Paper Waagh!
Unfortunately some of the pics are out of focus, but here goes!

Vehicle Samples:

All at Once:

My Looted Wagon/Grot Tank

Big Gunzz (i'm Currently sitting at 9 of these things)


The BattleWagonz

Pulsa Rokkit

Tube Boyz

What do you guys think?

PS the Tubes are now in color. But the original print offs were in BW for ink purposes.
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That is pretty fricking cool.

Not something most people would allow on a table, but to be honest i wouldn't have a problem with it. The amount effort that has gone into this must be huge and the overall effect is quite impressive.

+1 Rep My friend


I see no problem with it except for people who believe in WYSIWYG rules. My gaming group doesn't care, since everything is easily identifiable for what it is, the proxies are appropriate in scale, and LOS works great.

The only things that are potential problems are secondary weapons on the Battle Wagons.

Though I don't think I'd bring it out to a tourny...
To all those who disapprove:

Thanks for the feedback. I posted these to share for anyone to use. I do not really care for you're opinion. I also do not care that you would rather me spend the 100s of dollars to field this. I will continue to use these as I see fit. If you REALLY have a problem with people using them, the only one truly losing out is you. As you are now losing out on an opponent.
That's like screaming "You're losing out on a great shag!" after a woman who is running away from you after you just tried to rape her.
Wait. I am somehow "raping" you by plaing with this army. It must be because of the way you are dressed, you are just asking for it.

I personally think that you are just being a bit stuffy. Here, have a drink. I promise there's nothing in it.
Well the same could be said for you, because you are not willing to invest in models you are quite likely putting off opponents, as other have said the game of 40k is a miniature based wargame, By all means look for ways to save money on models but at the very least show your opponent a level of respect and scratch build or convert a cheap kit.

Plus to be honest the ork army is one of the cheapest and most versatile and convertible armies for those on a tight budget, and you can pretty much scratchbuild and convert any model and field it as an ork vehicle not to mention you can pick up Ork boys from the AOBR for a pittance on ebay.

Personally i find proxy's disrespectful (unless its for rule test purposes), i will let someone use a predator as a rhino for an odd game, but if you want to upturn a bucket and call it a stompa your shit out of luck and the same goes for paper models.
Which is fine. I have a gaming group I do play with, and they don't mind. (Though I do get a bit of well deserved ribbing).

I'm Cheap, but they want me to play. This was my solution. If you scoff, thats your business. I'll find less picky people and then I'll enjoy playing the game.

I play the game to play the game. As is, I don't give a Space marine's ass (slightly below a rat's) what your opinion of my models are.
Those paper models are good for one off games and trying new armies.

But long term real minis are better, as they will out last paper.
True. But it takes no real time to re-build. The tubes take 5 min or less for a page of 16 minis. Plus, they'll still last a VERY long time with small amount of care.

To put it another way, If someone accidentally breaks your battle wagon you are out 60 bucks, + Construction and painting time.

I'm out 6 sheets of paper, and about 2 hours of work.
I plan on picking up the Island of Blood Fantasy set this week.

But the idea is if the main book is 75, for 100 I can get the book, sticks, models, templates, etc.

That will probably be my only purchase though. I'll Square and paper any other models I want for the game.
If you are willing to spend money on models, why not just collect them over time?
I'm not really willing to spend money on models. This set is pretty much the exception to my rule.

Like I said, everything else I'll Tube up.
So it really is because you are cheap? Not just poor or broke, but dirt ass cheap. :laugh:
That is exactly what I said in the OP.

Didn't you read it? It was right at the very front of the post.
I was too distracted by the pictures of wadded up toilet paper on a game board you posted... :shok:
Hey, TP has only been used on ONE mock up. And that was on a spore pod for the Nids. If you haven't you should really try it. Lay on a square of TP and then hit it with a spray bottle. Creates a VERY cool skin texture. You just have to paint it after the fact.

Of course, I'm sure you'd turn a nose up at that too, not everyone can be as L337 as you are.
you are just cheap and lazy.
I thank you for the compliment!

I'm more concerned about playing. If I can PLAY without spending 100s of dollars, then I'll do that. As it is I've saved myself over 500 EASILY by a rough guestimation if I were to buy everything new.
Being lazy is nothing to be proud of, just so you know...
Oh, I think it quite depends on where the focus of one's laziness really is. My interests really lie beyond the mini wargame realm. If its something I'm REALLY interested in I'll put in some work.

On the other hand, that's not to say I didn't put some actual work into those models. They are quicker than perhaps the standard model, but they are still not the quickest and easiest thing to put together.

Each BW takes about 2 hours to do. Each Truck about an hour. Each Big Gun takes around 30-45 minutes. I don't recall how long the Rokkit took, somewhere around 2-3 hours. Its taken me a couple hours to work on my Stompa. And it'll probably take me a while on my Killa Kans and my Def Dreads.

I want something that I can PLAY with, not something I can put on display. I've looked at the paper models that are out there for Lehman russ's and such. They require way too much work for something I'm going to simply push around a table. But your priorities are different than mine. I don't care about playing the #*!$ measuring contest on who has the best painted model. I'm just looking to play.

I am sorry if my models don't measure up to your quality standards, but I THINK i'll get over it. If not there's always a 5th of Jack and a bottle of sleeping pills.
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There are so many more ways to achieve better results than what you are doing though. Cast your own models, it can be super cheap and will be so much better looking. Wood, plastic card stock, foamboard and many other materials that are not only cheap but would produce a much better result. Those paper orks are just beyond my comprehension of being acceptable, it is just too much. The problem is that it just adds no flavor or any appeal to a game that is just as much about being visually attractive as it is about the actual rules and following them. i am sure you have seen a piece of shit car drive by right? Why settle for that rusty, smoking piece of shit car when you could put a bit of real effort into it and have a car that you don't need to wear a bag over your head while your driving?
Dude, I gave up caring about peoples negative opinions of me YEARS ago. If the beat up old jalopy RAN WITHOUT PROBLEMS then I'd drive it, even if it was primer colored, and had a trash bag covering the broken back drivers side window. I mean seriously, you are getting bent out of shape for my part of a hobby not being cool enough for you. Lets face it, its a game that many people play in their basement. ALOT OF THE WORLD looks down on it.

Seriously, judging people by their stuff was supposed to be left behind in high school.
Dude, you should seriously change your username to Paper Waaagh!. I swear this is one of the most epic things ever. Also, love how you're sticking it to all the haters. I'd rep you, but then I did that already. :p

Katie D

EDIT: Here's someone else's idea of paperhammer. I actually prefer your tube idea as it gives them some dimension.
Thanks Katie! I might just change my name :)

Oh I did quite a bit of looking for paper models before I started my own program. I saw that very picture. I'll admit his nids look much better than a tube army, but they completely screw up LOS for the game. Thats why I settled on Tubes.

The paper models I've downloaded from other people either come with poor instructions, or are designed to mimic the GH models down to even adding a cut out for each rivet on the tank. I wanted something to quickly be able to put together to play.

Lets face it, paper models are easily destroyed. However, I could probably replace my entire collection of models in about 20 hours of work with a rough guestimate, using only about 5-10 bucks of material.

Thats not bad considering this is my collection of models:

3 battle wagons
6 Trukks
9 Big Gunzz (stand-ins for any of Lobba, ZZap or Kannon)
1 Pulsa Rokkit
1 Stompa (Design not ready to publish)
2 Looted Wagons
3 Killa Kans (design not ready to publish)
1 Deff Dread (Design not ready to publish)

15 Burna Boys
15 Kommandos
30 Lootas
15 Storm Boys
10 Nobs
12 Mega Nobs
15 Tank Bustas
6 Meks
6 Pain boys
6 Runt-herds
6 Squigs
20 Grots
1 War Boss
1 Big Mek
1 Weirdboy/Warphead
1 Gazthul Thrakka
1Mad Doc Grotznik
1 Boss Snikrot
1 Boss Zagstruk
15 Flash Gitz
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@ Itybih2ku (or should I say Paper Waaagh!). I don't really see what the big problem is. I fyour cool with it and your opponents cool with it,m then you fine.
I mean, I recently got into Battlefleet Gothic, (which is awesome btw), but I dont own any figures, so I proxied them.

I understand that people are entitled to their opinions, but if they're going to just bitch about something and not enjoy the game, then they're not worth your time.
Granted painting and constructing models is fun, but not everyone enjoys it as much as others (something this guy at my local GW should learn. I've played him about 3-4 times and i've never seen him with a painted miniature).

Remember, it's all but a game built for your enjoyment. If your having fun, then your doing it right.
I recommend you take a look at the following game from I don't know how its models stack up in size or anything else compared to battlefleet gothic, but if it does line up, then you could probably get some quality ships from the set.

I built both fleets a while back and ate up about 100 bucks in ink. (Stupid ink jet).

It was quite a bit of work, but it was worth it in the end. (Besides, its hard to paper proxy models that are already paper.)

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If you don't care for or want other people's opinions on your models, why did you post them on a forum that you know you will get instant feedback from?
Unless, of course, you just want everybody to backslap you saying "What a great idea! Why didn't someone else think of that before?"

Your stuff is shit.
Simple, I posted it to share the work. Judging from the number of downloads people have done of the various files, Its not as unpopular as you might like it to be.

I posted, not for the atta boys or the you go!s, I posted it so other people could download it. The only reason I even posted pictures is so people could see what they were downloading, and get a good idea of how things are suposed to fit together.
Just browsed through this again, feel free to disagree with the guy as I do (as I said in my original post I would allow the tanks but really the tube orks) but what a lot of people are saying is bordering on offensive. Let's keep this friendly eh? this isn't Warseer.
Thanks. Its quite alright though, as I said. I could care less about the haters. My goal is to spread the files. As it is, I've had a fair share of downloads. I don't expect people will go to the extreme total paper army I have, but that's not the point. The tubes are very useful for army testing, proxying, or anything else.

I've done the "tubes" for a game called malifaux that a friend and myself are interested in. I've done it for every model in the main book. We can easily test the game out, play it to our hearts content, and now never "HAVE" to buy a model in order to play. The group may want to later down the road, but that will be a decision of aesthetics than needing to buy to play.

I think my next tube army will end up being Necrons, if I don't do the Skaven for WHFB.

:) But please, keep arguing with me. It keeps this at the top of the forums so that others can continue to download the files.
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He aint buying it, thats his actual army
Yup :)

No guilt or shame either.

Of course, what others want to use the FREELY AVAILABLE MODELS for is their own business.

I hope someone brings these to your shop/club to show off or use.
Now THAT would get my attention.
I'm sure it would.

Though one thing I'm sure GW wouldn't realize is this:

The people, like me, who would use an army like this would never spend money on GW stuff to begin with. The only $$ i've spent thats gone in the direction of GW has been the ork codex.
But if its cool il use my boots as warlord titans :D woo jump on the band wagon (Y)

I'm sensing Sarcasm....
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