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Paper Waagh!

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Being cheap like I am. I decided that the money needed for a proper waagh was way too much for me.

To that end, I decided that I had more time than money and decided to make myself a paper waagh. Whyle my fellow players initially scoffed at my "Tube" army. They have since come to realize that because of it, I have practically everything in the Ork Codex, then some.

I decided I would share the files with you guys here. Enjoy!
File Folder: http://www.mediafire.com/?2iz1ibjbghluh

All files are in .pptx format. (Microsoft PowerPoint 2007+) You can download the entire zip file, or merely the individual files you want.

Please keep in mind that all figures and models are designed to be simply Print>Cut>Glue>Play. The vehicles ARE NOT designed to mimic the look of a WWG style ork model. They will be recognizable for what they are, but they will not win any beauty contests. This also means that the models are "smooth." The models have textures printed on the pattern. Unfortunately this means unless you have photoshop/ppt skills, you will not be able to add in alot of customization unless you glue on spare parts. However, if you are on the cheap like I am, it works and works well.


Ork Paper Army: Includes tube proxies of every ork figurine in the codex. Base size when rolled and glued should approximate the standard base size. I use tubes instead of paper cutouts because tubes allow for better LOS (I.E. 3d tube vs 2d cutout.) Heights may not be perfect, but the tubes are perfectly usable, just remember if you can see the tube, you can see the model.

Big Gunz: This file contains what amounts to a big metal looking cannon. The original shape WAS an enlarged cannon from a paper galleon. This shape has been re-skinned to give it a metallic look. Its not the prettiest figure on the table, but it will get the job done.

Truck: Yes, its the Ork Trukk! This figure will resemble a flat-bed truck when complete. It actually has enough room to hold 10 25mm tube figures. Not quite the 12 That its supposed to.

Battlewagon: This is probably the most complex of the paper models. Its body comes in 3 sections. And has parts for 3 variations of deffrolla. There is a simple steam-rolla, a 3-rotary saw blade -rolla, and a combine thresher style rolla.

Tank: This model is a fairly simple looking tank. Its mildly comical looking with a gun a bit too big for it, but works well as a Looted Wagon, or as grot tanks.

[/b]Pulsa Rokkit This monstrosity stands over a foot high when complete. Its designed to be free standing, as such, it does not have the launcher as seen in the book. Oddly enough (pure coincidence) it seems to fit pretty well if layed into a Trukk.

While not in this set of downloads, I am also working on an Ork Stompa. :)

I'm redesigning my Deff Dread and my Killa Kans as they just weren't working. I have yet to figure out a decent way to do Bikes, Buggies, or Trakks.

Here are Pics for my Paper Waagh!
Unfortunately some of the pics are out of focus, but here goes!

Vehicle Samples:

All at Once:

My Looted Wagon/Grot Tank

Big Gunzz (i'm Currently sitting at 9 of these things)


The BattleWagonz

Pulsa Rokkit

Tube Boyz

What do you guys think?

PS the Tubes are now in color. But the original print offs were in BW for ink purposes.
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Sorry, kinda gotta agree with B&K here. Don't stand up to the real models by a long shot. Want cheap wargaming? Why are you with GW?

Not wanting to appear sycophantic, but I still agree totally with B&K.

Admittedly, for proxies, it's a good idea. But only for one or two models.

I meant for me, I throw away the models I mess up the paint scheme/construction on. Space Marine Captain, used a cheap spray that left bobbles, tried to paint strip but it left a film. Threw him out. Big Mek with KFF, converted him with KMB, didn't like it, out. DP, got sprayed over once too many times. Guess what? Out. I don't know how I sleep at night knowing I've thrown/given away at least £50 of models. So I just couldn't stand having a mere excuse for an army such as this one.

Ok, I'm not wealthy (I can only afford maybe a box of Guardsmen a month) but it's just I'm a perfectionist. I also have a full Necron Phalanx + Battleforce + Lord + 2 Tomb Spyders (Missing arms) I don't really want, but I'm too mizerly to give anything away to anyone. Oh, and I'm soon receiving 2000pts+ of Chaos that I don't really want either.


EDIT: BTW it's all going on eBay so don't send me offers
Yar, that be true. And part of the hobby for me is geting to the end of an evening, having painted a fuckload of Cadians, and going 'Great, that's even more Guardsmen for my force, and I can take pride in that fact' and array them on my bedside table (You see, I like to read at night and the flashlights save money on electricity :biggrin:). You print of a sheet of paper and wrap them up and dabbing them with a spot of glue. I do that at school during lunchtime 'cos... well usually because I'm in the shit for something but you get the picture.

As B&K and I have stated more than once, this isn't because he doesn't have an army yet. It's because he doesn't want to spend money to support the hobby, whic in turn must lead to no sense of achievement. Like computer games, they're cool, but after nearly 5 hours you think 'What have I really done with today?'. Well I've painted some beatuiful models, and I look at my Guardsmen and I picture them as if they were real living creatures. I can do that, because they have pinky flesh, green armour and beige fatigues. If I just had bits of paper that wouldn't happen. In short, I would throw them out because I think they're shit.

No offence, hats off for being creative but they just don't stand up to real models and, to me, cry out 'The guy who owns me is a lazy fuck!'

Those who know me on Heresy will know that this is the first time I have used more than one curse word in a single post :shok:


EDIT: I wouldn't mind if you had posted them and said 'Here's some proxies I'm using just to try out the army' you would have got much more positive replies. But what you've really said is 'Screw you, I have free models and you don't, aren't I a genius?'. It's not the models that piss me off, it's the manner in which they are presented.
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Yup :)

No guilt or shame either.

Of course, what others want to use the FREELY AVAILABLE MODELS for is their own business.

I hope someone brings these to your shop/club to show off or use.

They're not freely available models. They are bits of paper.

Of course, I'm sure you'd turn a nose up at that too, not everyone can be as L337 as you are.
And I find that a bit 'Oh well, I don't care, I have free models and you don't, screw you'. And wtf is L337?


And now you've gone and made my 500th post an angry one. Meh!
Thank you, SGMalice. Learn something new every day, huh? :p

May you also enlighten me to the rest of this interweb knowledge, such as 'Fan Boi Wordage?'. This is what happens when you live ina village full of chavs and old people with only Heresy Online, a Nintendo DS with no games and a vast pile of necron sprues to occupy you for six weeks. You lose track :p

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