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Painting Yellow (As per DA Golden Waaaagh)

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The following will contain my tutorial of how i paint my Yellow for my army "Da Golden Waaagh", this is a tabletop to better kind of paint tutorial additional shading is an option but not really required. If better pictures are required or clarification is required either post here or message me.

The paints required are:

"Tau light ochre" for base coat of yellow.
"Yreil Yellow" for the color section of the yellow.
"Ushabti Bone" base for battle damage.
"Dark Flesh" second layer
"Leadbelcher" third
"Ironbreaker" for first highlight
"Runefang Steel" for the second and final highlight.

(First step) over the base coat (using either white or tau light oche itself). A coat of citadel tau light oche, this coat needs to be relatively thick, basically completely covering the base coat or primer used. This is essential for a good golden yellow later.

(Step 2) Over the base coat, a coat of Yriel yellow. The paint is thin (limited pigment), multiple coats are required till color is achived, on this peice i used two coats of Yreil yellow.

(Step 3) second coat of Yreil yellow

(Step 4) utilising a limited wash with 1:4 paint to water wash with Dark flesh on specific locations (basically joints and bolts). Along with giving an interesting color to the model this works as a frame for the color, basically a highlight to draw the eye of the viewer.

(Step 5) Using Ushabit Bone, adding locations for battle damage. In this case i have some bullet/scaring and some where the gun barrel will sit.

(Step 6) Using Dark flesh and Leadbelcher alternatively over part of the white (leaving a little white at the edge). Ieadbelcher for fresh hits and Dark flesh for more rusted areas.

(step 7)Using leadbelcher over the remaining dark flesh sections.

(Step 8) Using Ironbreaker over the majority of the damage sections, as a highlight or sign over more recent damage.

(Step 9) Using Runefang steel, only a little on some of the damage sections as a final highlight.

Any thoughts? Is this clear enough?
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