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Hey guys. I thought i might teach you how to paint tyranids. Unfortunately, my camera is being used by my sister who is on holiday, so i couldn't take pictures, but i will try and make this as simple as possible.

1. Spray paint the tyranid which. You can use the games workshop skull white paint can. There are many methods of spraying warhammer, i used the method of using short bursts of paint. Also, remember to keep the can warm and use it in/above room temperature.

2. wash the model with games workshop's gryphonne sepia wash. Just use this on the skin. Usualy you will need to do 2 coats of this. Leave it to dry afterwards.

3. Next paint the carcass with citdael foundation astronomican grey.

4. paint the claws and sythes with charadon granite.

5. When it has dried, paint over the carcass with asurmen blue wash. Don't use too much.

For the carcass i used the army painter wargame regiment brush
For the skin i used the army painter wargamer monster brush

If you prefer the carcass being a light blue then don't use the asurmen blue wash. The asurmen blue wash makes the carcass look darker and enhances the colour.

Thanks and good luck painting

The picture on the left is with asurmen blue wash, the one on the right is without. As you can see the paint is darker and more enhanced with the blue wash.
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