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I've lately come to an obvious realization, which I should've come to some time ago.

First, I'd like to direct your attention here.


I've found that when you lighten or darken a color, doing it with the shade to the left (lighter) or right (darker) has much smoother results than using an off-white or white to lighten or a dark grey or black to darken.

Next, I've recently figured out how to do "stairstep" highlights, which yields essentially the same results as blending but is a hell of a lot easier to do. It's literally making lines on the surface, albeit very fine lines, and lightening each step. Each line probably ought to be maybe two brushstrokes with the tip of the brush wide. It's hard to explain without pictures, but if you give it a shot on a sheet of paper in just a square setup with no texture like the surface of a model, you should get an idea of what I'm saying.

Finally, I've found that watering paints down to the point where they're an almost ink-like consistency yields far better results than even the "normal" amount of watering down. You just have to watch the crevasses and make sure it doesn't spill in!
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