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painting the sexy dar

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Hi all yall cool knowledgeable gamers out there! I'm an avid 40k player and I

need your help! I've been collecting eldar for many a long year but never truly

settled on a paint scheme. But now is the time! So far this is what I am

thinking: primary color is lich purple with possibly some warlock purple

highlights. But, what then? Codex or fortress gray wouldn't be bad for a tertiary

color although not really noticeable. I've been told that colors opposite each

other on the color wheel look good and stand out so possibly some yellow

flames? I can't decide. what is your opinion almighty gaming community?
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Rule number one of high quality painting: Practice. Practice. And guess what, practice.Take your time to start, don't try and rush through the models.

I have personally stripped and re-painted my Howling Banshee's three times, as they eventually start looking poorly painted as I keep practicing and improving. I am starting to hate re-painting them.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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