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painting the sexy dar

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Hi all yall cool knowledgeable gamers out there! I'm an avid 40k player and I

need your help! I've been collecting eldar for many a long year but never truly

settled on a paint scheme. But now is the time! So far this is what I am

thinking: primary color is lich purple with possibly some warlock purple

highlights. But, what then? Codex or fortress gray wouldn't be bad for a tertiary

color although not really noticeable. I've been told that colors opposite each

other on the color wheel look good and stand out so possibly some yellow

flames? I can't decide. what is your opinion almighty gaming community?
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I definitely think that a light grey would go very well with the purple, a subdued scheme, but nontheless one that will look good on the battlefield without being to flashy. However, if they grey is too dark it will just blend in with the purple, so make sure its around the brightness of fortress grey, maybe a little darker, if you decide to go with this scheme. Good luck with the painting!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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