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Firstly let me just say that i think black and red do look good together but have a tendency to get over used. if you reverse the colours then you're looking t red with black pads, similar to how the old blood angels were painted, and several of their successors have the same tones.

Having said that if you're going to go with the black route I'd get a hold of some dark greys and highlight it with slightly lighter grey before hitting it with 3 or 4 layers of nuln oil. I've used this technique before, it lets you build up a highlight and then darkened the whole thing so that it looks like you highlighter the black. Personally there are some grey tire rubber grey's in the vallejo ranges that work well for this.

Another way to go, and something I've not seen done before but have written in my techniques book to try out. Try mixing vallejo metal medium in with the black. It would give you a metallic black paint scheme, like really really dark gun metal. It'd certainly make the black look different from standard matt. And if it looks half as good on black as it does on blues then it could be a real head turner.
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