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I own 3 Airbrush-Guns

1: A Revell-singleaction Gun for basecoating armys and models
2: A doubleaction Gun with side cup fur finer working with need for a big amount of Coulors (so like Camos on Tanks). The nozzle for this gun is 0,3mm, so i can use thicker Coulors.
3. A doubleaction Gun with an nozzle of 0,1mm for fine working (Lines, small Camos, numbers an so on).

But the best hind for you is maybe:

Try to get yout hand on clear bounding agent. This liquid is the Base of most Basecoats you can buy, only that you can use it to create your own Basecoat in every thinkable coulor you need.

So, if you Paint Ultramarines, you mix the bounding agent with an Pod of Ultramarine-blue, and then you can use it like regular Basecaot.

This will save you much time.
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