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Hi Words,

An Empire army painting wise, having done one myself, should consider the following.

1). If your going for an established province, I would stay away from complex color schemes if I had my time over again I would certainly do so. Empire are the be all and end all of rank and file troops. Remember for 200 points your putting down a unit of 20 core troops... thats not a lot points wise, but its a big time sink.

2). Pick a state with two contrasting colors that look reasonable by themselves. Blue and Red, Black and Yellow, or even a single color like Nuln.. pure Black. The reason behind this is that you can then do units in a single color with a different colored plume and they will still look great on the table against the traditional square pattern of a multi colored unit in the same two basic colors.

3). Consider Unit fillers for massed troops. I use balsa wood cut thinly and then done into groups of 100 x 20mm and use them with 5-6 figures with a small action scene or something on them to sit in the middle of large troop blocks. As you will quickly find out it will save you time. Ideas can include troopers with a shot orc or even a campsite. Use of 40mm bases can even help if used creatively. (just dont over do it.) I use a unit filler of 10 when I field 40 in a unit for a unit of 20 or 15 I use a filler for 4. Otherwise you end up with too much unit filler and its hard to remove ranks.

When picking a scheme also consider if your an RPGER consider the type of force you want your Empire to be. I love militia style forces with a few elites so my army is based off a poor province, but you may wish to go incredibly artillery heavy... then go Nuln.

Also remember that you should or could if you wish do a unit in a completely different color.. like GREEN GREATSWORDS in an army of black troops and then give the unit a history of why it wears green uniforms. (In my case its black and white for a special detachment unit).

Hope this helps.

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