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In talking with a few of my painting peers, I have found that I have a list of models that I would love to get my hands on to paint without actually building an army around. So, I decided to come up with a top 5 painting bucket list for 40k, fantasy, and Forgeworld. Feel free to share your lists as well! It's always interesting to me to see what others are interested in! Here's my list in particular order:

Marneus Calgar
Stormfang Gunship
Masters of the Chapter
Canoptek Wraith

Wight Knight
High Elf Sea Guard Lord
Rune Lord
Shadow Blade
Old Blood

Vulkan (cannot stop drooling over this one)
Pheonix Guard Terminators
Deathshroud Terminators
Firedrake Terminators
Caestus Ram
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