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-Well, generally Necrons are the easiest to paint.They are usually paint a metallic silver or such. A few swipes of paint, then paint eyes and maybe the chest symbol, base him and he is done.
-After that, standard Space Marines are pretty easy to paint with their big fat areas (like shoulder pads, greaves.)
-Then id say Tau. (maybe Tau before rines)
-And then Dark Eldar?
-And then maybe orks, a bunch of green and a few details.
-Then Maybe nids if you do them simply. But if you do them well they are time consuming.
-Then IG?
-And then Eldar with their fancy designs.
-And then Chaos rines with their fancy trophies and stuff.
-And then Witch Hunters.

Really--this is inaccurate. If you simply paint them efficiently and to "table-top" quality- meaning look good standing a few feet back, then thats all you need, and the armies are all the same.

I was going for a more paint-the-details-list.

You can paint any way you want. Most people do there table-top standard as three to four colors.

Use this as an example: http://www.evil-bob.com/orba.jpg

You can see how he could have painted such a model much better, but he used a very simple scheme. Brownish on armour, one flesh color, one blade color and a few other colors to spice it up. The base is a bit of grass with a few rocks.

That model might have taken 15 minutes total.

So dont stress about being an amazing painter! :D

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That all really comes down to personal opinion, how complex the color scheme you're using for a model is, your own ability, what you want out of the models (some people are perfectly happy with three unhighlighted colors on their models, for example, but most want as good looking a model as they can get.), etc.

Personally, I think Necrons are by far the easiest (but admittedly, also the most bland) to paint well, followed by Orks, Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines, Tau, Imperial Guard, Sisters of Battle, Dark Eldar, Tyranids, and the hardest are probably Eldar.

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I rate Necrons as the easiest and the rest about the same after that as you can get as detailed or basic with them all as you like.
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