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I have:

2 rat ogres
3 Packmasters
8 Giant Rats

A brand New Ion Paintball Gun (hasn't been shot once, reason for that is because i cant afford going to play paintball and having a girlfriend at the same time)
Its the standard black kind, with the 11'' stock barrel

Then i also have a brand new Halo b Hopper that has only been turned on 3 times. Its smoke colored. Once again Awesome hopper awesome gun i just cant afford the money to go and play with it.

I have a Ventz mask too. Its thermal though. I know that much, and it doesn't fog up. Ill get pictures of that up. And the rest of the stuff too if you ask for it.

I also have what i think is an Empire Belt thingy. To carry around the tubes of paint. I have no idea what you call them anymore. But i have 4 tubes to go with it. They are also smoke colored.

And too finish off everything I have an anti-siphon tank for the ion.

And I have A Nurgle Lord of Chaos Painted.

And a Chaos Sorcerer for 40k.


A Hive tyrant (extra bits would be useful, like the stuff you actually get in the box)

2 Carnifexes (extra bits would be useful, like the stuff you actually get in the box)

8 Genestealers

1 Broodlord

9 Tyranid Warriors (extra bits would be useful, like the stuff you actually get in the box)

120 Gaunts, Spinegaunts. (i dont think i would need extra bits for these but if you have em' its appreciated)

1 Lictor

If possible i would love for these to be unpainted or at least painted decently. But i dont care. If you have any of that stuff and you interested in my gear and those models i have then lemme know. If you want pictures just ask. I would like pictures of the stuff you plan on trading me too. I have references to how good of a trader I am. My ebay account, my librarium account and others.

Thank you,

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