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I went through my rulebook and found some stuff I think is often overlooked.

Overlooked Rules:

-Units that contain models of different toughness, the majority toughness is used. If there is no majority, the lowest is used. I.E. 2 gun drones w/ 1 crisis suit everything uses T3. (23)
-Units receive cover saves if the target models are partially obscured from other terrain. (25)
-Cover Summary Table including terrain sizes (25)
-When a unit suffers as many wounding hits as it has models from the firing of a single enemy unit, the shooting player can nominate one model that can be a casualty (say a heavy weapon trooper or a sergeant). This model must make a save (the owning player can choose against what wound he saves) or be removed. This simulates weaponry being damaged due to a large volley of fire. (26)
-If a blast marker does not cover the ENTIRE base it is only treated as a partial (75% of the base is still a partial). (30)
-Flame Template weapons automatically hit any models under the template, even if it doesn't cover the entire base. (31)
-Barrage weapons roll 1d6 to scatter if LOS exists, and 2 if it does not and pick the highest result. (31)
-If a unit suffers wounds from ordinance barrage they are at -1 LD when taking their tests. (32)
-Majority WS and T of models engaged in combat (not locked units) is used, if no majority exists use the lowest. (40, 41)
-If a squad takes equal to or more wounds in CC than they have models, the attacker may nominate one model to make a save, and the rest are resolved normally. (41)
-Only engaged models may be killed, locked models are "safe." (42)
-A unit may attempt to regroup (LD test) only if it has at least 50% of original strength, no enemies within 6, the unit is in coherency.(49)
-All Independent Characters have the Move Through Cover and Skilled Rider special rules. (50)
-Independent Characters cannot be shot unless they are the closest target. (51)
-Monstrous Creatures may re-roll difficult terrain dice. (55)
-Artillery models must take a dangerous terrain test if moving in difficult terrain. (56)
-There must be LOS from BOTH the gun and a crewman within 2 for the gun to shoot. (56)
-Randomize hits towards artillery units 1-4 being the crew, 5-6 being the gun. (56)
-Obscured targets only downgrade a penetrating hit on a roll of a 4+. (69)

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i disagree with some of those. not all are overlooked such as causing enough wounds to nominate a die. the majority toughness and If a blast marker does not cover the ENTIRE base it is only treated as a partial (75% of the base is still a partial

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Still, even when watching the Vassal Tourney games, I noticed that some of these rules were mentioned after questions arose during the games.

While many of us may remember most of the rules during the game, it is a rare game that does not bring about some form of rules quiry.

Anyone else have a rule to add????

Such as this:

The only time a unit will consolidate after combat is if the opposing unit actually ran away successfully. Otherwise, the unit will recieve a d6 massacre move. I have found no mention of 1st turn only.
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