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I love to specialize in my armies.... Be it 40K and my Mech Eldar or Mech Sisters of Battle, to Fantasy and my Bloodbulls of Khaarg, specialization is where it's at. Or, at least, it would seem that way....

In other games, such as WH40K, specialization is actually pretty good, as the game allows for more flexibility even when ignoring the majority of your army's options. In WHFB, this is not the case.

My Bloodbulls of Khaarg has 6 units that can move at 12 inches on the march and lay down 16 Str6 attacks at full strength. The army also boasts a unit of 8 Furies, an Exalted Daemon, and a Doombull, and is surrounded by Chaos Hounds and Chaos Spawn. Now, generally, this is not a bad thing, as I have more variety in my unit choices than would your typical Bretonnian force (and many other armies). The problem here lies with my chosen specialization...

Chaos armies have very little shooting, and my army has none. Chaos armies have pretty good magic, though still, my army has none. Chaos armies also have access to great heavily armored units, while my army has none. Case in point, I have built an army that can hit very hard, but cannot take a hit, and will usually suffer tremendous losses before ever delivering that fatal blow. The army has no shooting, no magic, and no staying power. Thus, against more formidable generals with properly 'balanced(1)' lists, the Bloodbulls don't fare very well at all.

All of this I learn only after having painted 2500pts worth of converted Chaos. WHFB is not as forgiving a game as WH40K, and army unit selection is half the game.

Now, don't get me wrong... I still love my Chaos army, but I now know that while I can stomp all over newer players and can give veterans a good game, I'll always be at a disadvantage when versing top tier players simply because I over-specialized.

(1) Balance is quite a relative and subjective term in all tabletop wargames. Please take its use as intended.
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