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So be it.
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Hello Heresy! So me and my brother (nids) decided to play one last game to retire the nid codex, as he really likes his 750 list and it won't work with the new codex.


Doom in a pod
2x Hive Guard
1x Hive Guard
10x Hormogaunts (glands)
10x Hormoguants

Libby (JP)
10x RAS (2x Flm, 2x HF)
10x RAS (2x Melta, PF)
Fragioso in a pod

Because our basement has a low ceiling, I took a picture of the table in two halves. Unfortunately I forgot to take them along the way, so I don't even have deployment pictures.

The right side of the board

And the left side

Pre-game Shenanigans

We both got useless warlord traits (mine was counter attack in my deployment zone, his was his guys can use his leadership). I got the ignores cover one and Prescience for my libby, and my brother got (on biomancy) Psychic scream on the not-warlord, and a s6 shot on the other.


I went first and got the right, putting my flamers behind the middle ruin and my meltas behind the other. Libby was with the flamers.
He put his warlord on the right and the other tervigon on the left, with his hive guard in the middle and a unit of hormogaunts with each.

Turn 1

My fragioso game in and killed a whopping 4 gaunts, and my assault marines moved forward, surrounding the forsest in the middle. He then proceeded to shoot my fragioso to death with his three hive guard (curse you dice gods!) and spawned gaunts etc. The warlord burned out, and his boys assaulted my flamers losing 6 to overwatch when they charged. I killed the rest except for one in combat (damn...) and lost one there. My pod got assaulted and lost two hull points and lost it's weapon.

Turn 2

I booked my meltas over to his tervigon and took off two wounds with shooting, assaulted it and took of another. My flamers finished off that one gaunt...
The doom came in and killed one in the melta sqaud with his weird power, and then his hormogaunts (the depleted ones with glands) assaulted them and killed another. One got killed in retribution, and two more wounds were removed from the tervigon. I lost all but my sergeant, another flamer, and my libby to shooting in the flamer squad.

Turn 3

The flamers zoomed down and killed a squad of gaunts. My assault marines failed to wound anyone.
The doom killed the rest of the melta squad with it's power, and my flamers were shot to death. The tervigon killed the pod in CC.

GG... Oh well. I won't be sad to see the new dex, though I wish we'd played a bigger game (I don't like these small ones... He has too many units and I can't deal).


I can blame a lot of it on bad dice (the first turn assault of the tervigon should have done more, the fragioso shouldn't have died...) but I think a lot of it was just that his list is really good against mine. I don't have enough anti-MC, and he gets really lucky with with his tervigon rolls. A lot of it too was that he is a pretty good tactician, for the most part. I'm not sure what I could have done better though... Oh well.
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