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The problem with Thousand Sons is similar to Eldar in that they are a dedicated tool for a job - and that's killing AP3 targets. If they don't have AP3 targets to shoot, or AP4 should the rest of the army be lacking, then they're no better than normal marines at killing targets.

Unlike Eldar which has units which are aimed at killing particular targets, the rest of the Chaos Space Marines list does not work in that way - and with access to the Baledrake, which is more effective, works out cheaper for the same killing potential, and is more survivable and in general better as flyers are pretty much "the shit" still due to GW not having a clue how balancing works.

CSM are fairly all comers, and to have a focus on units which can only effectively shoot at one target (and even then - S4 v T4 is not exactly brilliant).

If I was to fix them;

Remove Slow and Purposeful when a Psyker is part of the unit (or perhaps a Psyker Monstrous Creature is within 6" for things like Be'lakor or Kairos), giving them Relentless instead
Go back to AP5
Give the Sorcerer a new Psychic Power for free which can change their Bolter ammunition - bring back the old Blast Inferno Bolts from 3.5th edition, Rending+Soulblaze, or S4/AP3 Flamers to turn them into Chaos equivalent Sternguard Veterans.
Reduce points to 19-20, and purchase cost of 130.
Improve the Banner - Grants a special Soulblaze which perhaps triggers on 2+ rather than 4+, does D6 hits, and improves to S5 AP4.

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