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Looks good, My recommendations would be to stick in the battlewagons as a lot of the littler bugs have a tough time dealing with them. Deff rollas are great as the easily put wounds on the MC and instapaste harpies.

Nob bikers would have served you better vs the standard nobz. The T5 really helps against some of the bigger guys as well having such a large footprint allows for easier multi-assaults which you should win in most cases.

Ghaz is such a great assassination character that in 2000 point games he's auto-include. I have yet to find anything that stands up to his PK attacks during his 2+ invulnerable round.

I guess my recommendations would be - couple of nob bikers, 1 unit of 15 lootas instead of 2, deff rollas and Ghaz.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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