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Hey again!

Battle 2 was fought with another guard player, and he made a good bat-rep, with better pictures, and can be found at:
http://www.2d6.no/viewtopic.php?f=41&t=5492 :)

Also, in battle 3, I faced the Imperial Guard (Gork or Mork must´ve been angry at me, facing so many, or pleased with my destruction of the first, and displeased with my annihilation at the second, and wanting to give me a 3rd shot at displaying whos da strongest).

His list was somewhat of the following:

Master of Ordnance(goddamn annoying fellow).
4 or so Chimeras with infantry, with varied weapons.
2 Leman Russ´
2 Leman Russ Vanquishers
1 Leman Russ Vanquisher with Pask

What I saw, was that this list had alot of anti-tank, but little anti-personnell, with only 2 pie plates, and some grenade launchers, I´d not be completely hampered if I lost some transports, especially not with his unlucky rolls :)

Main objective: Killpoints
Second Objective: Table Quarters (I belive).
Deployment: Spearhead

I won rollof for first turn, and decided to hide behind the giant piece of terrain in the middle, which we deemed was impassable to vechiles (much to my loss since I´d have to drive around, but I could split my battlewagons without sacrificing cover save.)

He deployed with the vanquishers far back, and the leman russ in cover (his misdoing)

Turn One: He grabbed the initiative.. :(

He moved up his chimeras, speeding them on, and moved the Leman Russ in the terrain.
I told him to take a terrain test, which he did.
And a 1 was rolled, the Leman Russ was wrecked due to Squadron, to my pleasure, and not his.
he then decided to move his second Leman Russ into the terrain too, and a second 1 was rolled.. I couldnt hold it, and rudely enough laughed, luckily he took it with a smile and also laughed about it :victory:

He shot, alot, with his vanquishers, and I saved some due to the KFF, but not all, but to my amazement, he rolled 4 1´s in a row, I dont know what those dice were doing, but I wouldn´t touch them with a stick, they were bad luck.
The only thing he did which caused me some harm was immobilizing the KFF wagon (which is rather strong, since its my moving cover, any other match this would have hamstringed me, but due to the gigantic piece of terrain in the middle, I could still move.

I moved up and held me behind the scenes, covering my battlewagons with both KFF and LOS boulder, also fixed the battlewagon, 2 4+ fixes covers most insurances.

Turn 2:

He moved his chimeras forward, one of them containing some Melta´s, the other one had some grenades or so.
He took a potshot with the melta, but nothing happened.

He intensifyed the shooting, but only knocked off a gun and shook the wagons.

My turn 2 consisted of dethrolling one of the chimeras, barely missing the second one, since the first one got destroyed-explosion.
Also driving the KFF down on my left flank, where he had a chimera in the area.
I also drove the battlewagon with the Meganobs and Warboss up towards his tanks, but making sure I was within the 6 inches radius of the KFF.

Afterwards I deployed 2 boy squads, which I sent to wreck havoc(and anihilate) his troop squad and chimera.

the boys on the left is just laid there prepared for slaughtering the troops behind the battlewagon.
(Also the electric pole thingy, is there to show that theres´ a crater there, since we were many players, and not enough craters)

My assault phase slaughtered the puny guardsmansquad, with no losses (puny!), and consolidated back into range with the battlewagon, so that they could embark asap.

The second boy squad, assaulting the chimera, did close to nothing, only shook it and immobilized it.

Turn 3:
He shot, and whacked some boys, otherwise did nothing, Pask and the 2 Vanquishers did not live up to their expectations, with him rolling low on the s8+2d6 strength, and me coversaving alot.
He also killed about half of my boy squad who was hammering the chimera.

My turn three:

I deployed the Warboss after driving the Wagon up, and prepared to knock on the door of the immobilized Leman Russ, making it explode.

I sent my noble shoota boys out of the battlewagon to assault the chimera, blowing it to tiny wee bits, and killing off enough guardsmen to make them flee for their lives.

His 4th turn nothing really happened, he shot at the Warboss, scored 2 wounds (the bugger was still alive!) And the fleeing guardsmen ran up to the nobs (who were pinned.)

My 4th, I moved my boys on the right flank into cover(the one which´d been shot to death, or close to), and the ones who were embarked in the battlewagon moved forwards, deployed, and prepared to assault the command squad!

The assault was a massacre, except the lone stubborn sergeant who didnt want to run, nor flee.
My Meganobs flamed the poor fleeing guardsmen, since I had nothing else to do with them :D

The Warboss assaulted Pask, and ruined the tank.

The 2 vanquishers did something, not that I can remember sadly, but they did not shoot the warboss (or atleast not kill him), my boys finished off his command squad, and the warboss cleaned the table taking out 2 vanquishers.

Total victory for me, 10-1
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