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Hello all!

Second time being at a tournament, I decided to grab my camera and take some photo´s of me being bashed to death, or my opponent, which is always great fun :)

My list is as following:

Warboss in Mega Armor
Cybork, Attack Squig.

Big Mek with Custom force field.

5x Meganobs (Troop)
4x Kombi-Skorchas, and 1x Bosspole (bosspole on model w/o kombi)

20x Choppah Boys
Nob w PK/BP

20x Choppah Boys
Nob w PK/BP

19x Shoota Boys
Nob w PK/BP

4x Battlewagon
Deffrolla, Armor PLates, 2x Big Shoota, Red Paintjob, Grot Riggers

Someone will probably say this is a pretty cheezy list, and yes it is, and it is also my favoured setup, simply since the first movement phases are really short, and I have a nasty habit of rolling way above average on the 4+ Cover save the KFF gives the tanks :whistle:

First Matchup:

Orks vs Imperial Guard (I´ve plaid against this player before, he´s in the same gaming club as I).

His list (Roughly):
2x Vendettas
Company COmmand Squad
Leman Russ
6x Chimeras (lunch boxes <3) loaded with different weapons.

Mission: 4 Objectives
Secondary was Killpoints
Deployment: Pitched

He won rolloff for deploying first objective, and he set it more or less in the middle of the map, and I just hugged around that area, making it a nice mess where my boys could chop him into pieces.
He sat his last objective way off, in a corner of the battlefield, and I rendered it "un-important", I´d focus on harvesting the 3 in a triangle.

I won the Initiative, and decided to go first, simply because his 2x vendettas would be a major pain if he got to get a round of firing on me first.

I deployed my 4x Battlewagons in a neat line, more or less directly below the 3 objectives dominating the middle

He deployed a Leman Russ infront of me, and put 2 chimeras to my right side, and the Vendettas and Manticore on the left side, with another leman russ and 3 chimeras.

My first turn were nothing but hoofing the pedal to the floor, driving fully 13" and no immobilises :biggrin:

His turn consisted of firing everything he had, and moving abit forwards with his chimeras, trying to get some sideshots with his Multilasers, but all the glancings and penetratings were cover saved, except the one which wrecked my Battelwagon with 20x boys.

I deployed the boys in a manner that made me capable of conquesting 2 objectives with that unit, and thereby freeing up another squad for slaughtering the puny guardsmen.

In the second phase I moved my way forward, deployed boys into the chimeras, and the Meganobs + Boss on the lone Russ on the right side.

During the Assault phase I killed off his Leman Russ, wrecked a chimera, (I dont think I pinned the troops that ran out), and immobilized and shook the other one, which he disembarked when it was his turn.

His turn 2 didnt fare all too well, since I had overwhelmed his main defence line, and filled it with bloodshed, he moved up and tried to shoot me to death, andwhittled down afew of the boys contesting the 2 objectives, but not enough to force me to take a LD test, I´d gone to ground and humped the 3+ cover saves alot.
He also killed the battlewagon I´d transported the 20 boys that demolished the 2 chimeras.

My turn 3 I moved on slaughtering his troops that had disembarked from the Chimera, and consolidated into the woods, deciding to secure the objective on the opposite side of it. I sent my Meganobs+Boss back into the battlewagon and moved forwards to kill a chimera and squad at the right side of the furthest away objective, giving the Vendettas a nice big target to kill, with its exposed rear.
The Chimera was devastated, and I deployed my Meganobs, toasting the troops that was inside with their Kombies.

I moved the Battlewagon with the KFF and Shootas to the left, to start chasing his Vendettas (futile, but forced him to move them enough to fire less than all 3 lascannons), shot at a chimera´s side, but he made the cover save.

His turn 3 he shot my Meganob Transport alot, immobilizing it and ruining a weapon.
He shot alot more at the boy squad contesting the 2 objectives, not killing many, since his shooting ability was severely hampered.
He moved 2 of his chimeras up on my right side, getting into range to contest or conquest one of the objectives my boy squad held.

My round 4 was more or less a severely boring one, I moved my battlewagon with the KFF further, not too far, since I wanted to shoot with the boys inside (which I think I forgot).

I suddenly panicked here, counting the objectives, he had one, which I could not reach (the one far down in a corner), I held 2, one which he could contest, and maybe even conquer if his shooting phase went well, and since the game had taken so much time (Assault phases lasts forever when you roll 80 dices :whistle: ), but clarified it was round 4.
I moved my Meganobs toward an objective, and holed up.
I tried to fix the Meganobs´ battlewagon, but failed. :ireful2:

He shot at my troops holding the 2 objectives again, and I started to realise I had to strengthen that area, since they wouldnt hold long, they were his prime target, and decided to cut middle ones, and maintain coherency.
I managed the cover saves, did not go to ground, since I needed the mobility for the last phase, also took a wound on the nob.
He also shot at the Battlewagon with the KFF +19 boys, but only immobilized it (to my luck).

My 5th turn I disembarked the Shoota boys from my battlewagon, and moved them toward the objective my boy squad held (barely), and ran 6"! which put them directly onto it, allowing me to move the boys toward the objective to bolster the numbers.

Not much happened otherwise, EXCEPT I managed to fix the immobilized Meganob Transport! Giving me a opportunity to run into his chimera contesting my 3rd objective!

His turn 5, he moved the chimera up to contest my objective, and hailed death and destruction upon the unit, almost annihilating it, but definately breaking the coherency, he also killed 2 of my Meganobs (and I think a Wound on the warboss).
He also moved his company command squad up on the left side, meltaing my immobilized KFF battlewagon to tiny wee bits, killing some of his men, and wounding the big mek.(I think I actually managed to fix that immobilize, but its unimportant).

My Meganobs stood stubborn, and couldnt care less about the two who had died, and captured the objective.

After shooting my boys to pieces, the squad (previously) holding 2 objectives, now only contesting 1, my coherency was broken.

But.. the game ended at turn 5, and I made the leadership test on the few remaining boys, with broken coherency, and everything.

We were unsure if a unit outside of coherency could hold an objective, so we confered with the tournament leader, who said that as long as they didnt fall back, and would move back into coherency in the next movement phase, he said it would contest/conquer an objective.

Thus I ended up with the victory, in both main and secondary missions.
10-1 to me :)

My 2nd opponent made a good bat-rep at http://www.2d6.no/viewtopic.php?f=41&t=5492 with better pictures, and more or less the same thing I´d say.


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A good read!

Perhaps break up the text with some more pictures in the middle-part, otherwise a nice read.

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Yeah, was planning to do that, but sadly when going through the pictures... most of them were taken so badly that you couldn´t distinguish a chimera from a leman russ.. Must LEARN to be more patient while taking photos :D
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