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So Sbrook129 from Dakka Dakka PMd me and challenged me to a game, he came around mine last night, first time meeting and playing him so lets see how it went.

Btw - This is first of two battles, we had time to get in another ;)

Orks 'Ead Manglers Lads - 2,000 points


1 x Warboss power klaw, attack squig & cybork body

1 x Big Mek burna, kustom force field & cybork body


5 x Lootas

5 x Lootas

5 x Nobz w/ Battlewagon power klaw, 3 x big choppas, waaagh! Banner, bosspole, cybork bodies & Painboy - Wagon w/ rokkit & deffrolla


5 x Nobz w/ Battlewagon power klaw, 3 x big choppas, waaagh! Banner, bosspole, cybork bodies & Painboy - Wagon w/ big shoota

20 x Shoota Boyz Nob w/ power klaw & boss pole

20 x Shoota Boyz Nob w/ power klaw & boss pole

20 x Shoota Boyz Nob w/ power klaw & boss pole

Fast Attack

1 x Deffcopter 1 x twin-linked rokkits & 1 x buzzsaw

1 x Deffcopter 1 x twin-linked rokkits & 1 x buzzsaw

Heavy Support

1 x Battlewagon rokkit & deffrolla

1 x Battlewagon rokkit & deffrolla

1 x Battlewagon rokkit & deffrolla

Total: 2,000

Death Guard - 2,000 points


Daemon Prince - wings, MoN & warptime

Daemon Prince - wings, MoN warptime


8 x Plague Marines w/ Rhino - 2 x meltaguns - Champion w/ power fist

8 x Plague Marines w/ Rhino - 2 x meltaguns - Champion w/ power fist

8 x Plague Marines w/ Rhino - 2 x meltaguns - Champion w/ power fist

7 x Plague Marines - 2 x plasma guns

7 x Plague Marines - 2 x plasma guns

Heavy Support

Predator - twin-linked lascannon & lascannon sponsons

Vindicator - siege shield & twin-linked bolter

3 x Obliterators

Game: Capture & Control - Pitched Battle


I won the roll off and placed my objective in a large ruin, Steve (Sbrook129) placed his objective in the shrine ruin.

I deployed placing both Lootas in upper floors of two ruins, one Loota unit contesting my objective. I put all the Battlewagons together on my left flank so they are all in KFF range and then put both Deffkopters behind the ruin the Lootas occupied, but out of terrain.

Death Guard deployed putting both Plague Marine foot units in the shrine ruin, though only one held the objective as the upper floor is 6" away. Rest spread out across the lines with one Prince hiding behind a Rhino, Steve was going to put the other Prince in the open but I suggested to put it in cover so my Lootas don't gun it down - he put in in the Shrine ruin which would work good as a backup assault unit if anything came too close. He kept the Obliterators in reserve.

*Tactical Notes

Ok I really hate Death Guard. They are a royal pain in the ass and damn tough to beat, plus those annoying blight grenades remove my bonus charge attacks too. I'm using dethrollas the first time since start of the year so it will be interesting how they do, I've also tried out rokkits on Battlewagons so will see how they fare too.

Tactics I'm going to use the Deffkopters to scout and alpha strike the Vindicator and Predator, this disables any long range fire until the Obliterators come in. Without those my tanks can only be taken apart by close range meltas, and those meltas in Rhinos I'm gonna blast with my Lootas, once those meltas are on foot they'll be slow and I can move up rolla them and then assault and shooty shooty pew pew too ;)

Turn 1

I use my scout move and turbo boost both 'Kopters towards the Vindicator and Predator making sure to stay 12" away ;)

I move both 'Kopters to fire at weaker sdie armour of both the Vindicator and Predator. I move all Battlewagons, some move 6" others move 12".

Shooting sees the Predator wrecked and the Vindicator immobilised. Lootas fire at the rear of a Rhino behind the tower ruin but fail to do any damage. Other Lootas fire at Rhino with meltas in and wrecks it.

In assault Deffkopter charges and scores weapon destroyed on the Vindicator - bye-bye demolisher cannon!

Death Guard movement turn sees both operational Rhinos move towards my lines, one down the centre of the board the other left flank to meet and greet the Battlewagons. Plague Marines which got blown out their tank move on up. One Daemon Prince flies ahead ready to join the fight next turn.

Shooting meltas fire at my Warboss Wagon, one is out of melta range, no damage done after the dust is settled. Plague Marines on foot I.D the 'Kopter which wrecked the Predator. Plasma rains down on the Kopter attacking the Vindicator but cover saves keep it alive.

* Tactical Notes

Ok Deffkopters did the jobs taking out or neturalising those two tanks, that means zero ranged fire power to get at me.

My plan now is to tackle the melta units, destroy these and my tanks are safe until Obliterators come in, once meltas are gone I can roll up to the objective and mass assault. Luckily two melta P.M units are out of tanks which makes things very easy for me, I'll assault and tackle them both. The incoming Prince I'll have a go with a deffrolla and assault with the Boyz but not before laying down some fire power ;)

Turn 2

I move one Battlewagon with Boyz inside towards the ruin holding my objective, I stop outside the ruin and turn so the front armour is taking the brunt of any possible shots. I bail out the Warboss and Co out the Battlewagon ready to slice up some Plague Marines, though I tank shock that same unit but they move out the way and the dethrolla only kills one. Nobz troop choice bail out their Wagon ready to tackle the other P.M unit which just I.D'd a 'Kopter. Battlewagon with Boyz smashes through terrain towards the Daemon Prince, Boyz bail out while the Wagon tank shocks the Prince, the Prince choses death or glory and fails and takes 10 S10 hits! The Prince is mush after failing several armour saves!

Squad of Lootas on my objective fires at P.M on the Shrine objective, no kills. Other Lootas fire at last working Rhino and score crew stunned. Boyz which bailed out the Wagon which mowed the Prince over fire shootas at the P.M the Nobz are going to tackle, I think one is killed, Nobz fire pistols at them but no damage. Other unit of Boyz fire shootas at the P.M the Warboss and Co are going to tackle but no kills. Rokkits from avaiable Wagons fire out at the closest Rhino but no damage.

In assault Warboss and Co assault the Death Guard combat remains on. Nobz assault the Plague Marines kill and stay locked in combat. Deffkopter attacks the Vindicator again and causes weapon destroyed, bolter gone so the tank is now useless and cannot move.

Death Guards movement turn Plague Marines from stunned Rhino bail out and move towards my objective, they run too if I remember right. Daemon Prince cowering in the Shrine ruin moves out to assault the solo Deffkopter.

No shooting from Death Guard as nothing to shoot at!

Assault, Prince flattens the Deffkopter. Both Plague Marines in combat with Orks both die, a Nob is killed from the Nobz troop choice unit.

*Tactical Notes

Ok so two melta P.M units down, one to go which isn't close to my tanks anyway. I'm also glad a Prince was down, though I was going to shoot and assault it anyway. I'm quite surprised the Prince got splattered by the deffrolla, though was 10 S10 hits so that's a lot, bye-bye Prince! :)

Next tactic is to gun down the incoming Plague Marines sweep up the board destroying anything in my path and mass assault into the objective.

Turn 3

Wagon by my objective ruin moves into terrain, Boyz bail out and run making it to the second floor and now claiming my own objective. Warboss and Co, Nobz and Boyz get back into Wagons, Wagons move into KFF range while one gets ready to fire a rokkit at the Daemon Prince. Warboss and Boyz Wagons tank shock the Rhino and make it go boom with double rolla goodness!

Shooting both Lootas open fire at the Plague Marines but only kill one. Rokkit from a Wagon fires at the Prince but misses.

No assaults my turn.

Death Guard turn the Prince moves back into cover, Plague Marines on foot move towards the ruin holding my objective.

No shooting from Death Guard, little guns or everything it out of range!

Assault the Plague Marine luckily make combat and assault my Boyz on my objective, pulling them off it. Boyz remain in combat with no P.M down and my mob seriously beaten.

*Tactical Notes

Bummer those Plague Marines had made it to my objective! Nothing I could do really as the Warboss and Co just got back in the Wagon which means they cannot get out again to assault. Shame that Prince hid behind the ruin again, I was gonna blast it with Lootas.

This turn I'll send the Warboss to asssist with the fight on the objective, roll the rest of the Wagons towards the Plague Marine objective and use Lootas to hopefully clear a few P.M from their objective.

Turn 4

Warbosses Battlewagon rotates and then ploughs through the ruin wall, Warboss and Nobz bail out ready to smash some Plague Marines. Other two Boyz Wagons form together and move up 6" ready to fire at the Vindicator. Nobz troops Battlewagon rams the Rhino with the deffrolla and pops it.

Shooting Lootas fire at Plague Marines on first and second floor of Shrine ruin but no kills. Rokkits from the Boyz Wagons fire but no hits on the Vindicator.

In assault Plague Marines smash the Ork Boyz but take a single wound from a Boy and lose a few to the Nobz power klaw, the Warboss, Big Mek and Nobz unit deliver the killing blow and wipe them out - my Boyz consolidate towards my objective.

Death Guard's Obliterators finally arrive from deep strike and scatter 7" towards my deployment zone still land within melta range of the twin Battlewagons moving towards the P.M objective.

Only shooting is from the Oblits, they fire multi meltas two miss and the other scores weapon destroyed.

*Tactical Notes

Ok I've cleared my objective and there's nothing around really to cause much bother, the Obliterators are just too far away to even reach it.

Next turn I'll send the Warboss and Nobz unit towards enemy objective along with all other Wagons, hopefully I'll pop some wounds on some Obliterators with the Lootas.

Turn 5

Warboss and Nobz get back into the Battlewagon, it smashes through the ruin ok and towards the P.M objective. Other Wagons move 6" ready to fire a rokkit at the Prince just to knock off a wound, Nobz Battlewagon smashes into the Vindicator with deffrolla and wrecks it.

Shooting rokkit from a Wagon fires and wounds the Prince, Lootas fire at the Obliterators and score a single wound.

Not a lot from Death Guard this turn, squad on the upper Shrine floor moves down onto the first floor. Obliterators fire multi meltas at the Battlewagon and score crew stunned, so not so bad.

Game ends here after a roll of a 2. Game is a draw as both players claim their own objectives, though must be said not a lot left for the Death Guard!!


A good game, I was worried about Death Guard because they are pretty damn good and there was a lot of infantry with some decent fire power. With a bit of target priority the long weapons were disabled and the melta was slowed down, I don't think any meltaguns even fired at my tanks actually.

Mistake the Nobz troop choice didn't have a deffrolla on their Battlewagon so the Rhino and Vindicator should have just been rammed, ah well, the Vindicator wasn't doing a lot and nor was the Rhino. Tactic mistakes I don't think I made any, none that I've noticed anyway.

Steve said he's only been playing since start of the year and TBH I was expecting a easy game. He's got a good army list and tough army which I think does him well. Tactics wise he should have been more aggressive with the meltas and zoomed forward the other Rhino, smashing through terrain, he could have bailed out and laid down melta on another Wagon. Keeping the Obliterators in reserve was a bad idea as it robbed him of valuable ranged fire power.

So, this game is a draw, lets see how we got on in the other game - another bat rep incoming!
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