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Well what is it about each army that you like. Which models could stand to put together 200 of them and then paint them all and still be excited about them? I am biased since I have played and collect orks when GorkaMork came out but I have always found Nids interesting and exciting but I have never owned enough of them to start an army.

Now if your a crazy mek like me that has his brains bashed and bolted togethet many times you could look at your problem of choosing one and say you can have both.:shout:

Thats right in my twisted brain I think you can have both armies. It is well known the war that is going on between orks and Nids. So you can mash an army together that can be orks or Nids. Feral orks could loot the nids and the hive mind could be fighting the orks for control of the army. You can have orks riding them into battle, looting carnifex's for dreadnoughts, warriors for killa kans, tyrant guard or reavers could be Nob bikers, a trygon could be converted to a truck or battlewagon, biovores could be any of the big guns, a brood lord weirdboy, well I think you get the point. With a twisted imagination you could have two armies and you would only each codex to play them as orks one day and Nids the next.

I must stop I am getting ideas for my next ork army.
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