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Orks or Tyranids

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I will probably start my next army some time soon, and I want it to just be something like CHARGE, KILL, MAIM, BURN, SLAUGHTER, KILL, CHARGE!

You know, that sort of thing. So, I am not sure whether I should go for Orks or Tyranids.

All advice appreciated (except for 'buy the codexes' - I don't have the money:().
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That's easy! Orks are CLEARLY better. Orks are easier to relate to, also. They think along those lines, "Kill, Maim, Burn". You could add "enslave" too. It has been written some tribes wholly enjoy the first 3 and leave out "enslave", if that suits you better? Bugs or "Nids" if you prefer eat and defecate. That's it. I mean, shit, they're bugs right?! On top of that they are incontinent, both fecal and urinary. They are mostly instinctive and if they did think, it would be along the lines of like, "I'm hungry" or "I gotta use the toilet. Ahh, fuck it!".

Orks are fun and competitive. They are killy, shooty, and...stabby. There are more options when it comes to conversions, personalization, and the like. Nids are just crunchy. Oh and don't forget Orks can be MECHANIZED or they can slog it.

search116, how are tyranids not good anymore? And how are they expensive? 10 orks for £15, and 12 hormagaunts/termagants for £15. Also, the monstrous creatures are quite a few pts, so you will only need one or two. Why would tyranids be extremely expensive?

OBTGOG, thats one of the problems, tyranids I would do because I like the models and the fluff, but orks are just soo, orky. Personally, if I had to choose the race I liked the most based on fluff, it would be orks.

I would just go for orks, but something about tyranids seems to attract me for some reason...

I was "mostly" just messin around,... "mostly". Nah, I love the Nid models. If I were to start another horde army, I'd pick Nids. I just prefer the Ork army lists and the fact they can be mekinized, if desired. The FORGE WORLD models are redonkulous.
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