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Warboss -PK,Slugga,Attack Squig,Cybory Body, Bosspole -120
remove the attack squig... put him with snikrot and the kommandos. It is a great way to get the PK to there it is needed and gives them a bosspole

Big Mek - KFF, eavy Armour - 90
remove eavy armour... not needed

Boyz Mob (home for the above) - 17 Choppa boyz w/RL + Nob with PK and eavy Armour -158
ew, rokkits with choppa boyz. do not put extra weapons in a choppa boy squad, they don't ever get a shot off. If they do it doesn't hit, and they lose their extra attack. Also, Bosspole. If you decide to keep the warboss with these guys, he will be directly targeted, since he is an IC and will die first. Also remove the heavy armour

Boyz mob - 19 Shoota Boyz w/2 Big Shootas +Nob with PK, Eavy armour and Bosspole -175
fine. except eavy armour

Boyz Mob - 19 Shoota Boyz w/2 Big Shootas + Nob with PK, Eavy Armour and Bosspole -175
fine. except eavy armour

3 x Battlewagon with Deff Rolla, RPJ, and 2 Big Shootas - 405
good set up. I always find RPJ to be useless, but each to their own I prefer armour plates or riggers... but i say remove them all for the reason i suggest below

12 Lootas -180
ok, fine. But there is my advice. With the points I have opened up add 4 more lootaz and separate them into 2 squads of 8, I have removed exaclty 60 points from your list so it is possible.

11 Kommandos + snikrot - 195
remove 1 kommando

Total 1498
Ok, the other option instead of the 2 units of 8 lootaz is 1 squad of gretchins for taking objectives, Serioulsly, don't underestimate 19 gretchings for 67 points. I see a distinct lack of troops which is my biggest problem with this list. Other than that I say well written.
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