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Ghazghkull Thraka
pts 225
(for his good stats and great Whaaagh!)

big mek
pts 115
(Bunna is for power wep, KFF is needed)

Troop - 1080

(x4) Boyz mob (30)
1 nob with power klaw
slugga and choppa
pts 840
(for chopping!)

Boyz mob (30)
1 nob with power klaw
slugga and choppa
"ard boyz
pts 240
(for the vanguard of the attack)

Heavy Support

(X3) Killa Kans - 430
3 kans
with a rokket each
and grot riggers

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only problem i see if you sticking ghazzy with a normal troops mob his slow and purposefull transfers to that unit to me that could prove frustrating i would prefer a kitted out warboss
Would have to disagree.
Slow and Purposeful isnt as bad as it sounds.
You have about a 60% chance to move at least 5", plus Run.

Slowing down 1 unit by maybe 2.5 inches over 2 turns, for the ability to move ALL your units an extra 2.5" over their average Fleet move, id say he is worth it.

Well, he is worth it compared to a Warboss anyway. Personally id probably drop him completely and just use the Mek, and spend the points on more Boyz. But there is nothing "bad" about running him. He is still effective.

Warbosses on the other hand, the only time i would EVER run a Warboss is if i took a squad of Nobz, and the only time i would take Nobz is if they are BikerNobz or MegaNobz.
If BikerNobz, then he joins the squad on a Bike.
If MegaNobz, then id probably just take Ghazzy anyway.
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