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warboss 63
-slugga, choppa

14x slugga boyz 180
-3x burna, pklaw nob

15x slugga boyz 189
-3x burna, pklaw nob

warbuggy 40
-TL rokkit launcha

warbuggy 40
-TL rokkit launcha

looted land raider crusader 268
-red paint job
-warboss and 14 strong slugga boyz mob goes here

battlewagon 153
-3x bolt-on big shoota, red paint job
-15 strong slugga boyz mob goes here

2x kannon 66
-extra krewman for each

This list was motivated by a desire to take the biggest, orkiest transports around and pack them with boyz. The warbuggies and kannons were added to fill in some fun anti-armor toys. This list is, of course, just friendly because technically you can only loot a "land raider" and I believe this excludes the crusader pattern version. Correct me if I'm wrong though.
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