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Keep in mind with the assaulting, the closest model has to charge first, closest to closest. After that has been done any model is allowed to move, but it does have the restrictions that it must engage an enemy model if possible and, the most important one to remember, it must also stay in coherency with a model that has already moved in the assault.

So if you moved your Nob first because he was the closest, you are allowed to move any other model as long as it gets into B2B if possible with an unengaged model, or an already engaged model if it can't reach an unengaged one, and must maintain coherency with the Nob. After that model is moved, you can move any other model you want as long as it gets to B2B if it can, and maintains coherency with the Nob or the other guy that has already moved, and you continue in that manner until all models have been moved, and remember you must go after unengaged models if you can reach them, (even if you don't want to).

The coherency part is the most important thing to remember, especially if you happen to be multi-charging units, as those units have to be fairly close for you to be able to move into one of them and keep coherency while hitting the other.

As with the Deff rolla, if you tank shock a unit, it takes D6 Strength 10 hits. If it death or glories it takes 2D6 Strength 10 hits. All fearless does is make them pass the moral test to not break and lets them choose if they want to DOG or not.

As with the ram, everyone is right, its full speed or its not a ram, and as for the ap- bull, next time tell him his close combat attacks (even those from a fist) are ap- because they don't have a specified ap. That will shut him up. To clarify that, a lack of ap does not mean ap-.

As for your ram that killed a transport, unless it makes it explode you stop moving. So you would not have continued over his guys, (unless it was an explosion). However if you had made it explode, since the result is done immediately the vehicle would have exploded, the guys would have to take their wounds and pinning test from the explosion, and if there was still movement to be done for the Battlewagon you would have tank shocked the guys inside even if you didn't want to because in a ram you MUST move full speed.

Hope that clarifies anything that may not have been previously clarified.
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