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Welcome to the FGC (fungi corps) in today's arena we are having a free for all!

Each team is responsible for maintaining their own vehicle, weapons and crew!

Lets start it simple; our first match I 4vs free for all, Grot Tanks!

Each tank is outfitted with a specially modified turret, firing a tournament legal grot kannons.

Whats a grot kannons you ask; here are the specs:

Grot Kannons:
Heavy 1 blast; str 7 ap 3 with a whopping range of 24"

Our tanks are piloted by a Gretchin crew of 2, one for driving and one for shooting. Giving the "grot kannons" a bs 3.

Now as talented as our crew is, there are always bonuses for sitting still and firing, and penalty's for moveing and shooting;

Here are the stats on those;

Scatter die is 1d6
Sit and shoot +1 bs
Moving under 6" 2d6 scatter instead of one.
Faster then 6" -1 bs (including the 2d6 scatter)
Shooting sitting target +1 bs

Easy rules for a quick and dirty game.

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