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How to build an Ork Stompa
By pathwinder14

First you need to gather materials. As you see the main body of the Stompa is a small trash can from a dollar store. I also used unsharpened pencils, cardboard tubing, a floppy disc case, corrugated plastic tube for automotive wire coverings, foam core, and various bits and gubbins.

Take a piece of foam core and trace the outline of the trashcan (upside down). Cut this out.

Make a smaller one and glue them together. Then glue it to the trash can.

Floppy disc cases have the ability to swivel inside out so to speak. Swivel it all the way till it stops. This is how it will be placed on the stompa.

Take a 12”x 4” piece of foam core and trace the outline of the floppy disc case on to it like so. Cut out half of the outline.

Hot glue those together.

Bend the front and back edges of the foam core down as to represent shoulders for the arm mounts. Glue on something for the main body of the stompa head. I used a q-tip case for the head.

Under the shoulders glue several pieces of foam core cut into 1 ½ “ x 3” rectangles on the sides of the floppy disc case.

Inside the open cavity of the floppy disc case, glue several small squares of foam core.

Take a small piece of cardboard tubing (toilet paper roll is perfect0 and use a hole punch to make some holes in its top. Putty the seams. This will serve as an engine exhaust.

Make an orky face out of foam core and bits. Glue it to the front of the q-tip container.

Take some corrugated plastic tubing and glue from the rear of the face and route to the side of the foam core pieces in the open cavity of the floppy disc case.
Beside that, glue in the cardboard tube. Then use plastic tubing to make a rows nest. Poke that through the pieces of foam core in the open cavity. Remove it and then hot glue into place.

You can use wire to make rails and ladders.

Now for the left arm:
Build small foam core box and. Glue all the pencils together so they resemble a gatling gun (psycho-dakka-blasta). Cut a hole into the box large enough for the pencils. Glue them in place. Glue more plastic corrugated tubing around their base. Clue a ring of some good looking bit or gubbin around the front to act as a restraint. Glue a narrow strip of foam core to the bottom to act as a weapon mount.

Cover box with plastic card.

Glue a couple small strips of foam core onto the side and mount toy missiles on them (gort guided missiles).

Use several small pieces of plastic tubing and poke it through the sides of the floppy disc case (several foam core sheets remember?). Then poke through weapon box. Glue into place.

Cut another small hole directly below the pencils. Place a small tube ( size of a magic marker or so) into it. This will be the Deth Kannon. Cover the empty space with a piece of plastic card. Use a small hole punch to make rivets and glue in place.

Now the right arm:
Take a toy tank apart and use the tread. Encase the tread in a foam core box shaped like a large chain sword. Cover with plastic card.

Add lots of cool gubbins and bits then mount as the left arm.

Glue several layers of foam core to the bottom as feet (you may have to use an odd piece of foam core as a stabilizer).

Armor plating is nothing more than extra business cards. Work your way from bottom to top and slightly overlap just like roofing shingles.

Then make odd pieces of armor plating and glue on in strange intervals. Add rivets by using a 1/8 “ hole punch. You will need a lot of these. Glue them to the model in logical places (corner of each armor plate for example).

Once that is done make your rear door. I used sprue to outline it and then added cool plastic bits and gubbins.

Detail the face.

Detail the engine.

Plastic craft mesh (for cross point/needle point) makes great floor grating.


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