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Okay, Waagh! Grins Pride and Joy is being wheeled out for your scrutiny. Since I've been working on the orks for over a year now and over that time my painting has improved massively (in the same way that since painting my original thirty plastic beakies I've improved massively). Since starting on the orks, I've developed how I like to paint them, and the method I do them has become pretty standard to me. So with out further ado, here's teh way:

My theory on painting orks:
1, Undercoat
2, Basecoat - during this I'll also paint any skin up to the brightest highlight.
3, Highlight so they're all bright and shiny
4, Add details
5, Add mud and dirt (That Sepia (GW) wash is good, or brown shade from Vajello)
6, Base coat rust
7, Highlight rust
8, Add any scrapes and details
9, Varnish before I scrape the paint off by accident and curse the world to eternal death and darkness.

2 and 3 will be done repeatedly, so one part will have 2 and 3 done, then the next part gets 2 and 3 done, etc.

1, Undercoating:
For undercoating I always undercoat black. I started using chaos black paint, and was promptly pointed to the chaos black spray, its more even, and doesn't go on so thick as to obscure everything. I then moved onto Halfords matt black acryllic as its the same shit, just a bigger can for around the same price.

Sadly, on the Megadredd and some Flames of war kit, I picked up the wrong can, and ended up undercoating a load of stuff in gloss black, which is total dogshit to paint over. Still it worked, and woot woot!

So, here's a pic of the main part undercoated and shiny (DAMN YOUUOUOUOUU!!!!):

2, Base Coating!:
Woop! For me base coating is the really dull bit as it's just planting on the basic colours and that's about it. To spice up every ork I paint their skin first and any details around the area, so tubing and what not.

Ta daaaaaa! The pics below show the base coating, and some orky details done to start it off. The Pilot was painted Dark Angels green, then wetbrushed with knarloc green foundation, goblin green. The main part of the dustbin was painted Regal Blue, with other parts painted Vajello Dark Blue, and highlighted with a relevent lighter shade (Dark Blue for the Regal Blue, Enchanted BLue for the Dark Blue, etc), and the 'teeth' were painted Vajello white, because I prefer it to skull white. It's totally matt and covers everything (even shit shiny undercoats..)

Next was the bolts, which were painted with Bolt Gun Metal, then highlighted a little with mithril silver or chainmail, depending on which one I could get out the drawer (my desk is accessible by the cat, the cat is a cute furry bastard and likes to attack my paints, so I have to keep them hidden...). Also, the ork's nails were painted snot green.

I have several isms. The first being tubing. Tubing going into a person has to be bright colours, and if there's lots of tubes, they have to be different. So the tubes were painted Ivanden Darksun, Enchanted Blue, Badmoon Yellow, Blood Red (x2 grrrrrr.... couldn't find another fitting colour) and one Scorpion Green. The implants and metal pieces were painted a variety of GW metallics, as well as Vajello Brass and Gun Metal Grey (similar to Bolt Gun Metal but darker).

With the orkiness on the go, I didn't pay much attention to the edges of panels because they would be getting chipped to death later on, and would eventually be rusted too, so if the dustbin colours aren't totally flush it doesn't really matter. Here you can also see the reaso why I rarely use DA green... Because its thin, shiny and shit (well, mine is...). I used it on a looted rhino, then overpainted it in Deathskullz colours. You can see on the big right hand tooth there's a silver bit. to me it looked on the moulding of it, that it was where the paint had come off or the metal was buckled, so I chaos blacked it, then painted it chainmail so it was all shiny and fresh. From then it was just a case of drybrushing the welds on the teeth chainmail so it stood out, and drybrushing the edges of the panels silver.

Feet and Legs:

For both the feet and legs, and also the engine, there's a whole shitload of metal bits, from the engine block to the pistons, to springs (if they're not red ;-)), big blocks of metal, pokey bits, metal looking tubing, you name it, it's all going on. So, I started painting it all individually, eventually realising the folly after a few hours when I'd hardly done any of it. Instead I painted all the piston rods chainmail as they'd be moving and pretty shiny, then drybrushed the rest boltgun metal.

Some massive cobs of metal here...

THe outer pieces of the pistons were painted Dwarf Bronze.



I'm not too sure you can see it, but the inside of the shoulder where the ball joint is a massive piece of ridged metal. This, like all girder parts on any model I paint, was done in mechrite red, then highlighted with blood red, as all industrial looking metal/girders are red, regardless of how sweeping and false that statement is.

The Blades of the klaw itself were painted gun metal grey, and then the metal holding them in place was painted Vaj DB, and the blue then highlighted with enchanted blue, and the odd extreme highlight of ice blue before dry brushing bolt gun metal from the very edge of the blade towards the blue holding bits. THen added another lighted dry brush of chainmail, then lighter still of mithril silver, all of them from blades edge (not on WoW) towards the blue holders, so that the holders looked scraped.

You can see the metal drybrushing on this pic better:

This is the final base coat pic I have, some pics mysteriously have gone from the pc, so I'm left with this one. The colour of the hatch on the front is vajello Russian Uniform, a colour you'll see a lot around the megadredd, because I think it's a nice 'tank' colour (like all my sherman tanks for FoW), and I figured the skulls would nick any kind of metal off any IG tanks they'd managed to take out, so, with that in mind, I did all the large tubes on the model this colour. Not tubing, just like the tubes holding the kill kannon shells, his leg suspension, etc, etc. Also not the tubing round the suspension, for some reason, every truck I see on the motorway has yellow or red curly tubing from the cab to the trailer (for the air brakes I presume), so thats what colour these are. Also I seem to remember seeing suspension on a skyline or something that was red... so its stuck.

As well as the Vaj RU, I've used the Vaj Dark Blue for some cobs on the feet, and the knee joints, as they're in prominant points and kind of keep the model's colours together and keep it uniform ish. The Shoulder pads (and the klaw you can't see) have the main colour as VDB too.

Now its all painted nice, it's time to ruin it just like orks would if they owned it for more than a few minutes. I figured starting with the rust, as any ork worth his salt would leave his finest creations out in the elements for all to see, and so I set about rusting it up. First off, I just used Vajello flat brown to paint in all places I thought rust would form up - on flat surfaces, down the the edges of panels, around nuts, on the underside of edges and ridges, etc.

Next, add some blazing orange to the flat brown to get it a little lighter and rusty coloured.

Continue adding blazing orange, slowly just going over the edges of the plates, the tips of bolts etc, and continue to add blazing orange and repeating until you're happy.

At the moment the last few pics on here are pretty shit, the buld wasn't good, camera batteries dying, and it turned out guff. So I'll add more pics tomorrow, I've been writing this for two hours...

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Suprised no one responded to this one! I love that model and I think you have done a great job on it. I love the running rust streaks and battle damage areas!

The only thing that I would suggest is that the green armor plates look a bit flat. Maybe a Thrakka Green wash or some highlights to accent them a little more would bring them out a bit more. Other than that looking great mate!

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It's been up over a month I'd totally forgotten about it ;-) haha I have like a negative Midas touch, every thread I touch turns to shite ;-)

Cheers for the comments Midge, much appreciated. Going to look at the green the week after next and hopefully sort it :) I'll post up how it looks :)

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Really nice job with painting this i bet its a mission doing it aswell as being very fun.
I also love this model would really like one for my Orks if i had the cash, painting large models like this with such a high amount of detail are always challenging. I think you have done a good job. Orks being orks i highly dout there vehicles and equipment is in good order so the rust and damage fits.

The way i do vehicles is from the bottom layer then up, i cover almost everything is tin bits ( or a close metallic color) then i heavy dry/wet brush boltgun metal. once done i paint on the main color (in my case Goff's so black) but i paint it in such a way as if a 8 year old child would paint a car with a brush lol - for real. then do the extras and white areas ready for checked bits then Devlin mud the whole model then highlight scratches with chain mail/mithril.
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