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g'day guys,
i'm going to dive in and make an ork fort scenery piece. I have some idea's as how it will look pretty much based on an old castle style but with some connecting path ways to some bunkers etc. the main idea behind it is it's a free piece of scenery on the board for narratives but if we use it as a raiding style narrative. I want the person being able to use it to pay for weapon upgrades if they want some on there.
what i'm looking at so far

bigshootas 5
rokkit launcha 5
Skorcha 10

guns (except skorcha) can be upgraded to twinlinked for double cost

same options as above plus
deffgun 14
deff storm mega shoota ?? (requires two slots)

A movable gun tower will be in the middle (but once placed it must stay there for the entire game),
this has all the above options but has four slots one on each side.
all four of these slots can be traded for one iccarus cannon for it's cost, or the super gatler for ??

as you can see pretty much got most of it costed just not sure what the deff storm mega shoota should cost or the super gatlor.

the fort is going to be 24" square. the towers are 3" square
Rules for the fort
the walls are going to be AV 13 and 4 hull points - if they take a pen hit they lose another point. the wall will also be divided into 4 sections so just that section will come down (big enough for a LRC to go through).
the gate (big enough for a orkanaut to go through) - av12 and 2 hull points (to allow for the ork made hinges)
the towers AV 14 and 3 hull points
the central tower will be 4" square AV14 3 hull points.

so anything you guys wish to add or ideas for points costs then feel free to let me know.


forgot to add the orky rule of if the wall gets a glance or pen hit on a roll from a hand to hand combat then there is a chance a piece of the wall will fall on a roll of 6 hitting the unit for a str D6 AP - (that is to help with the random sized piece falling down).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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