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Making my first 1500 point Ork army and really liking the Big Mek layout from the codex which ive been using to build it. So far is consists of...


Big Mek:
with shokk attach gun and bosspole

Big Mek:
with kustom mega-blasta and bosspole


5 burna Boyz:
including mek

10 lootas:
including 2 meks

5 tank bustas:
including a Nob, tankhammer, and 2 bomb squigs


20 boyz:
with 2 big shootas, and a nob with bosspole and power klaw

12 boyz with shootas:
including 1 nob with bosspole

10 boyz:
with rokkit launcha and a nob

with armour plates and stikkbomb chukka

10 gretchin:
lead by runtherd

Heavy Support:

2 Deff Dread:
Big shoota, skorcha, and armour plates

5 Killa Kans:
with two big shootas and rokkit launcher
and three skorchas and rokkit launcha's

THats it so far, Im planning on adding 3 Zzap Guns with grot krew as well.
What do you guys think I should add/remove with the direction its going in?

All imput is welcomed and appreciated.

Thanks everyone.
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