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Making my first 1500 point Ork army and really liking the Big Mek layout from the codex which ive been using to build it. So far is consists of...


Big Mek:
with shokk attach gun and bosspole

Big Mek:
with kustom mega-blasta and bosspole


5 burna Boyz:
including mek

10 lootas:
including 2 meks

5 tank bustas:
including a Nob, tankhammer, and 2 bomb squigs


20 boyz:
with 2 big shootas, and a nob with bosspole and power klaw

12 boyz with shootas:
including 1 nob with bosspole

10 boyz:
with rokkit launcha and a nob

with armour plates and stikkbomb chukka

10 gretchin:
lead by runtherd

Heavy Support:

2 Deff Dread:
Big shoota, skorcha, and armour plates

5 Killa Kans:
with two big shootas and rokkit launcher
and three skorchas and rokkit launcha's

THats it so far, Im planning on adding 3 Zzap Guns with grot krew as well.
What do you guys think I should add/remove with the direction its going in?

All imput is welcomed and appreciated.

Thanks everyone.

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try and find a way to add some more boys to the 12 boyz squad and give the nob a power claw.

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Hmm this list may need some adjusting.

2 meks are good solid choices

5 burna boyz I just don't see them being that effective since they have to few boyz, no Nob and no truck they are proabably not going to be a very effective unit and would probably be better turned into lootas.

Speaking of lootas I would increase the squad to 15 and have only one mek as more guns are better.
Tank bustas if you use them probably need to be bumped to 10 boyz. THe "Glory hogs rule" really makes me wonder if they are worth it since they only have to see a vehicle to shoot at it even if it isn't in range.
Gretchin I don't think they are worth taking as they aren't as useful as they were in the old codex. Plus you can't take anything good on the runtherder.

Deff Dreads for me just never cause enough damage to make back their points and they die to easy.
The killa kans I don't think you have armed correctly as I count 7 weapons and only 5 kans. Killa kans can only take one shooty weapon.

If you are going to go for a big gun option I think Kannons are now the guns to take.

I think you list lacks some speed some stormboyz or some thing like kommando's.

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Taking a big mek with a kustom mega-blasta is really not good, considering his bs of 2 he's not likely to hit and big meks can't really stand up in cc, so that just leaves you with a really expensive, fairly useless model. Give him a kustom force field, and then you'll be cooking. Have him joined to a mob of boyz in a formation that provides the kff to your kans/dread and you'll have a slow but dead killy formation.

I wouldn't bother with the 5 tankbustas and 5 burnas. Their points would be better spent elsewhere, especially the burnas. Both of these units become decent with a battlewagon transport, but that's expensive. Either way both of these squads are too small. You don't really have the points for this and it would go against the theme a bit.

A squad of 10 grots is pretty useless, chuck it.
Beef up the footslogging boyz to at least 20, or preferably 30, and make sure there's 12 trukk boyz (you're also going to want to sneak them around the side of the battle, they can't survive charging up the middle).

You may want to consider grot riggers for your deff dreads if you have the points. Grotzookas or kustom mega blastas may be welcome on some of your kans.

Zzap guns are a gamble and somewhat expensive and fragile, but a decent chance of hurting vehicles. I prefer kannons and accept that I'll never kill AV 14 with them.

If you want a reliable fast unit, if I were you I'd take out the trukk (open topped armor 10 vehicle is not reliable) and put in some warbikers or nob bikers (stormboyz if you can field 20 of them are a viable option as well) They'll all involve you pulling points from somewhere else though, but losing the burnas and tankbustas ought to give you another 150 points to play with.

Remember, you can take 2 deff dreads as troop choices thanks to the meks, so that will free up some heavy support slots. You don't even have to take any boyz mobs if you don't want to.
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