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http://belloflostsouls.blogspot.com/2007/09/ork-apocalypse-datafaxes.html for full article with pics!

IJW over at Warseer had this to say about the ork datafaxes in Apoc.

The Photo in teh book is of a converted Baneblade (surprise!)
Most stats as per Baneblade, but it's Fast.
Transport: 30, and counts as open-topped for disembarking only.
Has a couple of different-size Kannon and 2-3 T-L Big Shootas, I was a bit surprised at the lack of Dakka.
Points: ~26 Marines

Stompa & Mekboy Stompa
No lack of Dakka here, photos for the Stompa and Mekboy Stompa are the two scratch-builds shown in WD.
Loadsa Structure Points, plus Powerfields.
I don't remember how many gun slots they had, but each has a choice of about eight different ones.
Deffkannon (Stompa only) has a co-axial Gatling Blasta with the special rules that fire at loads of units. Best I can remember, it went something like: S6 AP3 Heavy 2d6, once it's fired at a unit, it can fire again at another unit within 12" of the last target unit, and keep going until you roll a double on the number of shots. Only fires for one turn, then runs out of ammo.
The Mekboy Stompa had the option for some kind of Gatling weapon which is Heavy 6d6.
It also has access to the Lifta Droppa, as has previously been rumoured. Pick an enemy vehicle within range, roll a scatter die. On a hit, it gets lifted and dropped on the spot, taking d6 glancing hits. On an arrow, it gets dropped in that direction, up to 24", again taking d6 glancing hits. If it lands on units, the units each take 2?d6 hits, can't remember S or AP. If it lands on a vehicle they both take 2d6 glances.
Stompa has Transport: 20, not sure about the MS.
Points: ~40 and 43 Marines respectively.

Dread Mob
All Dreads/kans in the mob are covered by a KFF if within 12" of the lead Dred. other rumors says it can be lead by a stompa.

Gargantuan Squigoth
It's a beast. T8 W8. A couple of Lobbas and three TLBS, with the option of another three TLBS for a total of 18 TLBS shots! No idea of points, but it almost has more Dakka than the Battlefortress...

Kult of Speed
Loadsa Bikes, Buggies and Trukks, gains a single Strategic Redeployment asset, like the Windrider host and Sentinel sheet.
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