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Ork 1500(2000) Point List

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Hey pretty much brand new to 7th edition and i love my orks and this is the list ive put together more meant to be fun and units i liked i did try to make it slightly competitive because i dont wanna get stomped so let me know your thoughts. I definitely just enjoyed the models and the concepts of alot of my choices so i appreciate all competitive suggestion but i may not use them if i simply wanna field the model for fun

-Warboss('Eavy Armour, Power Klaw,Attack squig, Cybork body, Warbike), 144 pts

-Big Mek( Riding in Gork)

-Kommandos(x3 Kommandos, x2 Rokkit Kommandos,Snikrot) 120 pts

-Meganobs(x4 TL Shoota Nobz, Boss with Killsaws, Riding in Gorkanaut.) 210

-Boyz(14x Boyz, x1 Big Shoota Boy, Nob Power Klaw bosspole,) 141 pts

-Boyz(14x Boyz, x1 Big Shoota Boy, Nob Power Klaw bosspole,) 141 pts

-Boyz(14x Boyz, x1 Big Shoota Boy, Nob Power Klaw bosspole,) 141 pts

-Gretchins 35 points

Fast Attack
-Burna-Bommer (x4 skorcha) 155 pts

-DakkaJet (3x TL Supa Shoota, Fighter Ace) 180 pts

-Deffkoptas (3x Rokkit Koptas, x1 Buzzsaw) 90 pts

Heavy Support

-Lootas (x10) 140 pts

-Lootas (x10) 140 pts

-Gorkanaut(Grot Riggers, Extra Armour, Transporting Maganobz) 275
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I will make some suggestions but being mainly a modeler myself I understand wanting to play with something for the coolness factor.

You might want to give the boss the Lucky stikk to help in combat or the Finkin cap to get another warlord traits but I like the lucky stikk.

Kommandos with Snikrot get burnas as they scare the piss out of your opponent when they pop up in his back lines and start burning everything.

14 boyz?? usually better bumped up to 20 or more or trade a unit of boys for a unit of grots to sit on a home field objective they usually get ignored.

deffkoptas try to give one busssaw incase they miss with the rokkits a good powerklaw hit usually does the trick.

Blitza-bommer to me is the worst that screaming decent has resulted in my plane destroyed more than anything from clipped 'em. I prefer the burna bommer with burna bombs and a few skorcha missles

If you go for the Gorkanaut go all out. Drop the weirdboy and put a big mek in the Gorkanaut. This way the MANZ can get out and stomp stuff while the mek stays in the Gork and repairs it along with the grot riggers. So it can blast stuff while the MANZ stomp others things or it can join in with the MANZ and rip things apart. I saw one gorkanaut with a big mek inside getting ripped up by nids and kept going due to big mek and grot riggers. The gorkanaut ended up killing almost half the nid army. something to think about.
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