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Hi everyone...

I am planning a small (circa 500 points) Ordos Xenos Inquisition detachment with the idea that it will be a completely ranged force with as one Inquisitor and a bunch of henchmen.

Currently Im looking at 100 points for an Inquisitor in power armour with conversion beamer and digi weapons etc.

That leaves me with 400 points for henchmen.

I'd like to go down the route of having all the henchmen entirely xenos (with maybe one or two normal humans in power armour with HS lasguns to keep the alien filth in line).

I have a small skaven army so I've scavenged bits to make a guy with plasma gun in carapace armour, and I have a kroot shaper (from a games day years ago) whom I have converted to have HS lasgun.

I also thought I could do a lizardman and an eldar guardian fairly easily getting bits from a well known uk Bits&Kits site (who happen to have a sale this weekend).

What I'd like to do though is some particularly unique (IE non GW) aliens, but I'm struggling to find decent base models to kit bash.

I had a look at some guys on here > http://www.cpmodelsminiatures.co.uk/28mm Alien Federation.htm and like the idea of some of the chaps on there, but wondered if anyone had any other ideas.... I'm a bit stumped. I looked at the DE sslyth, but not sure if I want to include something obviously from another GW army unconverted.

I was going to include the obligatory jokero and would like to find something I can convert into a laxotl (if i can find a suitable base model)

Anyone have any helpful ideas of other xenos? (I want to stay clear of tyranids, tau and orks but anyting else if fair game.)



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If you are after some non-GW models Mantic have some nice alien/xeno's models in their Deadzone game. The Rebs faction would be the ones to have a look at. Prices are quite good too. A couple of links:-


And you can't go wrong with a Martian Dredd on your side. :grin:

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