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Expelle iudex occiderit pœnitébit-Motto of the Order of Demon-Hunters, which translate into,Banish,Kill,Judge, Repent

Ordo venator daemoni, feared among Hrova worshipers and Tiste Hora alike.The Venator Daemoni, Demon-Hunter in Latin, are a sub-order of the Order of the Merciful hand, meant to do what the name implies,hunt Demons,but also any other evil supernaturals that are trying to spread chaos, and do other evil things. They also track down Hrova Worshiper cults, kill her cult leader, and destroy the cult before they can please their god by spreading god.

Seems simple? Yes it is, we play as members of the Ordo Venator Daemoni,and hunt down Cultist, evil supernatural creatures and Demons. But we are not on one planet. No, we are in space.

Welcome to the Gaiaverse, the universe of my books. I recently made the Demon-Hunters, and I love them, mostly for the fact that they are mortals fighting powerful beings,and coming out on top.

Now to the Important stuff.

History and organization of the Order-The Ordo venator Daemoni was created by Grand Master Yullus after the first Chaos war, after the threat of divine forces became apparent,thus the Order was created on July 5th 2445, made up of people who have lost everything thanks to the war, and where Psychic.

The Order is both famous and infamous, the Hrova worshipers see them as angels of death, while the more sane people see them as knights in shining armor.

The Order is made up of all races in the galaxy, who have pyskers, people who can gain powers from the Aether,Nether or Rending.All of the Demon-Hunters are Psykers, and good one at that.

Demon-Hunters either travel alone or in teams of five to seven, through rarely they will travel in a platoon size group,which is only used when taking on powerful supernaturals, such as Demon-Princes.

One of the most famous Demon-Hunters was Jyus, who killed countless demons, and teachings are still taught in the Order's academy.

The Current year is 2972. Where weapon called Psyguns, are commonplace, Psyguns fire rounds of psychic energy, and can penetrate most things.

Order Ranks-Master Demon-Hunter-The wisest and most powerful of the Demon hunters, he is the Representative to the High-Court of the Order, and face is rarely even seen,outside of the academy, he rarely comes on missions, normally for beings too powerful for the others to face.

Magister or Judge-The Highest position next to Master Demon-Hunter, they are skilled hunters, who spend most of their free time,studying Demons and the Demon hunts of the old world. Magister duties include teaching new hunters, recruiting new hunters, and being judge, jury and executioner of Cultist, and other beings.

Juries-The Lowest rank, they are new hunters. They are normally recruited from orphans of Demon or Cultist or other supernatural being attacks,and most be Psychic to be able to join the Order.

Equipment-The Order has it's armory, to fit the needs of it's hunters.

The Holy text- The Holy book of Jrovasim, every Hunter carries this on his/her persona. In order to keep him/herself pure and is another way to kill unholy supernatural creature, through it's verses.

Cross-Used by Demon-Hunters to banish a Demon back to the Rending.Can also protect the wearer from Hrova's corruption.

Psypistol-A Pistol that fires Psychic energy.

Psygun-Like the pistol but in rifle form.

Psyrifle-A Sniper version of the Psygun.





Force Sword-A New but unstable invention to permanently kill Demons, this sword uses angelic energy to act as an Angelic sword, thus permanently killing the Demon.Of course, it's unstable, and sometimes explodes on it's user, or not working as promised.

Force Axe-Like above but in axe form.

Holy Hand Grenade-It's a grenade that can kill Supernatural creatures and Demons, but is rare and hard to manufacture, using angelic energy, which as you can guess, is not commonplace.


Psychic abilities-These are the Psychic abilities that a Demon-Hunter has, you can add your own Psychic abilities
Blank-Cannot be sensed.By anyone, including Tiste Longa and Hora's

Holy Fire Manipulation.

Banish-All Demon-Hunters have this, the ability to banish a Demon back to the Rending.

Enhanced Swordsmenship.

Mind Control Resistance.

By the Power of Jal, I summon thee-Summon dead allies,friends or enemies,and make them fight for you-Often used by Demon-Hunters.

Repent thy sin-Wipes all evil out of the evil-doers, only the most evil of people can resist this-Used by Demon-Hunters.

Note:You may not have these abilties, but they help.

Rules:No metagaming or godmodding.

No mary sues.

Force weapons and Holy Hand Grenades are rare, so not all of you will have it. In fact, only Magistrates can have force weapons.

You must have atleast one Psychic ability.

We will be starting on the world of Triu I, where we will be giving our missions

Your character may die, accept it.

Now to the APP.

Rank(Jurier or Magistrate):

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(A rp I was in got abruptly stopped so why not hop on this one instead?)/(Sorry I accidentally didn't post the entire bio at once, it's done now!)

Name: Ignatius
Age: 52 years old
Personality: Solemn, cold and generally not someone you feel good and merry around. He won't do you the favor to stay silent when he has to order you around and shows an antipathy towards cultists even more than demons. On a visual aspect he is lean, not very tall about 1.82 give or take with crimson straight hair up under the ears and a constantly shaved bright red hint of a beard around the mouth.

Rank: Magistrate
Equipment: Holy Text/Cross
Force Sword
Holy Hand Grenade(if possible)

Powers: Blank / Mind Control Resistance / Banish / Enhanced Swordsmanship / Holy Fire Manipulation+(If possible I would like to add general/unholy fire resistance since it would fit the theme of the character and you said we can add abilities. No prob if I can't :grin: )

Scorched Caverns day 1. "This is the magistrate of the demon hunters dispatched northwest of.. dammit we can't even remember our names here. This place is unholy no matter where we are we hear screams and nobody is there. No demons no cultists not a thing. Only the villages in the caverns, and the fire, there is always the fire crackling. We are hunting stones and gravel and we can hear them laughing at us, laughing inside our heads. Oh and how much we want to rip them out..."

Scorched Caverns day 6. "We had to go pick up provisions from the village again. The folk don't like us much, they eye us carefully behind their ashen veils. The orphans are also peculiar, looking with their big empty eyes at us. Aside that, there was a fire in the camp today. No one knew who started it. A brother was burned alive, everything but his cross and the fire magically disappeared then. We immediately packed up and relocated. I tried to pick up the charred cross but it burned my hand fiercely and I had to drop it where it dissolved. Forgive us for our insolence but here ever man thinks that their prayers are muffled by the crackling of the fires."

Scorched Caverns day 24. "My burned hand is worse. The blackened skin has reached as far as my shoulder and I fear it won't stop. I am trying to hide it under the robes and armor but I doubt that is a wise choice. We are out of holy water trying to purge the fires that spread out. We are certain this is demonic work, the village folk come around the pits where the fires had been and some of them pray, every morning they pray where at night there was fire. They are unbelievers, they are treacherous filth. They must be cleansed immediately, I do not care what they say I will lead the attack myself. We will burn them, and then we will consume them yes, yes, YES and they will be charred limbs waiting to be devoured and we shall be FREE!"

Scorched Caverns day 28. "This is Judge Artus speaking. Our magistrate went mad, possibly corrupted by demons. He was muttering all the time how he can't remember a thing and I bet my heart I saw him light that fire but I dismissed it as hallucinations common in this gravel pit. That burned cross he was carrying seemed to affect him somehow. He appeared with every recruit in the middle of the village and had them shoot the innocent women and children. And then the robed figures appeared wielding fire and tattooed in bright red colors of horrific scenes. And before we realized it, the magistrate was on fire laughing hysterically and spewing orange liquids. I shot him in the head and rallied the recruits around us. The battle took all night and the innocent were dropping dead all around. In the end these devilish mages gathered around and tried to burn the whole place alive. I led the remaining recruits out and after the loud explosion we went to investigate. It was weird how only an orphan remained, a boy of few words roughly 7 years old. But he was not burned. We could see marks the fire had left but the next day they were as soon as gone. The boy seemed to develop psychic skills so I am taking it with me to the headquarters to train him as a recruit. I named him Ignatius, considering the fashion of his abilities since he didn't even have a name, poor lad."
---End of Order Audio Record---

The year of 2925 was the year Igantius was recruited in the order. He was nothing but a child, an orphan living with his family in the caves he could always remember. What he could also remember was that there was fire in the cave all the time, and crosses, although not the ones demon hunters carry now, black and charred ones, twisted in horrifying figures. And then the demon hunters came...
They descended on the cultists with profound aggression slashing left and right and delivering swift death to all who would oppose them. The leader of the cult knowing his situation was desperate started praying to his unholy demons, and so the entire cave was ablaze, everyone's flesh charred inside. Except Ignatius's. The flames engulfed him, embraced him and seeped through him but never burned it and when the remaining demon hunters realized that he was immediately recruited.

He rose through the lower ranks of the order by showing combat prowess early on and managed to get the rank of the magistrate 20 or so years after his recruitment. But ever since he was not going to be any more cheerful again. The more demons he killed the more demons would spawn somewhere else, the more recruits he saved the more would be dead and disfigured somewhere else and that feeling of inevitable defeat was not something he could stomach with pleasure.

What was certain though was his ability to inspire the lower hunters around him. Many of his students knew his story and would mutter it among themselves some time, he was aware of that but did nothing to prevent them. Each man is qualified to his secrets as long as he can keep them secret enough he would always believe. Besides even he was troubled by that. He didn't know any information from where was he, or in the end what was he? Could it be he wasn't a human? There was no information on the cult he remembered from the caves. And when he would try to sleep in the middle of the night, the crackling of the fire was always there....
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