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The Ordo Sepulturum was founded to investigate the plagues that occurred around the Eye of Terror prior to the 13th Black Crusade. They are the smallest Order of the Inquisition but the question is let's say some form of plague whether it be created by a heretical Mechanicus biologis or if it has something to do with mutation, sprouts up far away from the Eye of Terror. Or even in the Scarus / Ixaniad / Calixis Sectors. Would the Ordo Sepulturum be operating there? Or would they need as much attention to the areas around the Eye of Terror as possible?

ADB had a Ordo Sepulturum Inquisitor leading the forces in Cadian Blood and that was in the Scarus Sector if I remember correctly. I figured that the Ordo Hereticus would come into conflict with the Sepulturum especially if they are far away from the EoT. The Inquisition is a very strange organization and I know that Ordos are typically more about resources against a specific category of threat than jurisdiction and operational area. But I'm thinking that if a Ordo Sepulturum Inquisitor is on the very edges of the Ultima Segmentum, literally thousands upon thousands of light years away from the EoT investigating a zombie plague, he'd kind of be in a strange place. Most if not all of his ordo are in the Segmentum Obscurus so his resources would be difficult to come by regardless of his rosette and he probably wouldn't have the pull or resume to influence any inquisitors in the area.

I was just wondering if they could cover the entire Imperium. Would they just leave it to the Hereticus if they got reports (albeit very old by the time they reached the areas around the EoT) of plague outbreaks, etc in another part of the galaxy? These things don't pop up every day from what I gather so typically they take all occurrences seriously.
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