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Ordo Malleus and that unusual potrusion!

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Since malleus inquisitors basically dedicate themselves to fighting daemons and warp monsters, and since the warp is known to 'change' you somewhat on contact.
Couldnt it be reasonable to assume that most malleus inquisitors inevitably develop some form of mutation in their careers, an extra finger here, another eye there. It would rly be an occupational hazard.
Bearing this in mind, how could the inquisition realistically abhor mutation when in all likelyhood they will wake up one morning with one themselves!!
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I believe it was Eisenhorn or Ravenor who said that inevitably every Inquisitor becomes an irredemable Radical, it's a matter of the good they can do before they walk the path of damnation.
Maybe because the purity tests of the Grey Knights strip away personality and anything other than a blind obedience to a credo (Alaric is an abnormality, his curiosity is undesirable in a Grey Knight). That's okay for a soldier but not for an individual who must constantly use his initiative and inquisitive mind, Inquisitors are trained to question everything- the polar opposite of the Ordo Malleus Militant Chamber.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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