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Ordo Malleus and that unusual potrusion!

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Since malleus inquisitors basically dedicate themselves to fighting daemons and warp monsters, and since the warp is known to 'change' you somewhat on contact.
Couldnt it be reasonable to assume that most malleus inquisitors inevitably develop some form of mutation in their careers, an extra finger here, another eye there. It would rly be an occupational hazard.
Bearing this in mind, how could the inquisition realistically abhor mutation when in all likelyhood they will wake up one morning with one themselves!!
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Any Inquisitor showing any sign of mutation would be shot on sight, burned, the ashes blasted out into space then shot to bits by the biggest gun the Inquisition could lay their hands on!
I suppose it could and probably does happen, the Inquisitors themselves would use prayer and stuff like that to guard against it I suppose.
Who's gonna go up to an inquisitor and say "You look funny"?
Another higher ranking Inquisitor, with a bigger gun.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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