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Ordo Malleus and that unusual potrusion!

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Since malleus inquisitors basically dedicate themselves to fighting daemons and warp monsters, and since the warp is known to 'change' you somewhat on contact.
Couldnt it be reasonable to assume that most malleus inquisitors inevitably develop some form of mutation in their careers, an extra finger here, another eye there. It would rly be an occupational hazard.
Bearing this in mind, how could the inquisition realistically abhor mutation when in all likelyhood they will wake up one morning with one themselves!!
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Many Inquisitors have been corrupted by chaos, they are then hunted down like the traitorous scum they are. Then their corpses are blasted into the heart of a star.

To accept chaos as inevitable is to tred the path of damnation
The tools of chaos always work towards their own ends. It is better to kill innocents than let the guilty live.

The taint of chaos is irredeemable other than by sword and fire, if you start to see the universe in shades of grey you don't have the morale fibre to be an inquisitor.

The only question I have is why doesn't the imperium subject inquisitors to the same purity tests as the grey knights, surely that would solve the problem.
So basically you are saying that the majority of the Inquisitors don't have the moral fiber to be what they are.

The inquisition was founded to maintain the purity of mankind, to sustain the emperors vision of a eutopian human galaxy. But instead they have devolved into a hugely split vigilanty organisation, whos members are more concerned with pursuing personal vendettas for personal gains. Sure there are a few exceptions but even "pure" people like Coteaz and Fydor are power hungry egotists.

Essentially the inquisition (even the emperor) forgot that humanity is all individualistic, and self centred. Pure Darwinistic evolutionary psychology.
The emperor told them how to change the golden throne into a "life" support system, so I'm guessing it was his idea, it was his last orders before collapsing
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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