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Ordo Malleus and that unusual potrusion!

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Since malleus inquisitors basically dedicate themselves to fighting daemons and warp monsters, and since the warp is known to 'change' you somewhat on contact.
Couldnt it be reasonable to assume that most malleus inquisitors inevitably develop some form of mutation in their careers, an extra finger here, another eye there. It would rly be an occupational hazard.
Bearing this in mind, how could the inquisition realistically abhor mutation when in all likelyhood they will wake up one morning with one themselves!!
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In a way Omsa and Heldane were worse than Eisenhorn towards the end. Eisenhorn didn't have much of a choice in some regards and then again it's a part of the job description. They walk in the dark places and eventually that darkness will stay with them. There is a picture in one of the DH sourcebooks that shows an Inquisitor early in his career. He looks like some visage of the Emperor with golden light streaming around him and beautiful ornate armor. A couple of years later in his career he looks like a CSM. Heretical icons and daemonic wards are all over his armor / face. Why? Probably because they serve a purpose but all Inquisitors cross that line eventually.

Would you consider Tyrus a puritan? He's a blind fool that has murdered millions and half the time they weren't even heretics. Just the average Imperial citizen. I'm not talking about Inquisitors being nice. Every inquisitor is different and Emperor knows there are millions of them. (What drew me to the Inquisition was the amount of personalities, methods and styles.) I'm talking about them crossing the line. Look at Xanthus, Lichtenstein, Eisenhorn, . I'm sure at one point they were the epitome of Puritanism (At least Eisenhorn was.) but once you've worn the rosette for a few years you realize that the universe isn't white and black.

Considering the Ordo Malleus are the ones fighting the horrors from the ratio of radicals to puritans is different than the Hereticus, Xenos, Sicarius, Sepulturum, Chronos, etc but I would say fighting Chaos with Chaos is probably the only way to win. Xanthism and Oblationism both seek the same thing which is to defeat Chaos. The Xanthites are typically arrogant idiots (Carl Thonius I'm looking at you) who really think they can defeat the enemy and remain pure. But Oblationists sacrifice themselves and cross the line willingly in order to defeat the warp. Both are radical but it's all about the Inquisition's philosophy of does the end justify the means?

The puritans are often just as narrow-minded and foolish. Do you honestly think that you can be an Inquisitor without crossing the line or becoming corrupted? You can't. Even the ones like Tyrus and that Witch-Hunter in the second Eisenhorn book are just as radical as the Xanthus's and Nephtys's of the universe. Radicalism is just a way of saying unorthodox. Half the time someone being labeled a heretic is just a pissing contest between children given way too much power and authority. I don't see radicalism as some kind of evil, heretical, blasphemy which deserves death. It's just a way of saying that they use means that are different from the norm. Yes sometimes it can get pretty messed up and they do heretical stuff but the "line" isn't some giant bright red line in the world of gray.

I forget what Osma and Heldane were trying to accomplish but donkey face was definitely a heretic. They were both trying to capture Cherubael and use it to their own means. Of course you can't kill Eisenhorn because he is the epitome of awesomeness. But for being such a tried and true, good vs. evil, puritan Daemonhunter Osma should have destroyed Cherbuael. He was going to use it much like Eisenhorn. So thus they are both radicals. Heretics? No. Because it all goes back to that does the end justify the means philosophy. Seemed like some kind of epic rivalry instead of some kind of witch-hunt. But donkey face, Heldane, is a different story. I haven't read the Gaunt's Ghost novels where he is involved but from the tidbits I've found seems like he's pretty much as heretical as you can get. Even he at one point was a puritan and his master, Voke, was even more puritan than Eisenhorn. Even until the end old Commodus died a puritan.

Quixos though is a different story. He wanted to save the Imperium from the warp and close the eye. But he is definitely a heretic. As with Heldane I'm sure from their viewpoint it all seemed like the right thing. But in reality it's completely different. At one point wasn't he one of the shining stars of the Ordo Malleus? He was one of the most zealous and brilliant daemonhunters around but he fell much harder, faster and farther than anyone I've seen. I wish they would write more about the Inquisition and even come out with a Quixos omnibus.
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The tools of chaos always work towards their own ends. It is better to kill innocents than let the guilty live.

The taint of chaos is irredeemable other than by sword and fire, if you start to see the universe in shades of grey you don't have the morale fibre to be an inquisitor.

The only question I have is why doesn't the imperium subject inquisitors to the same purity tests as the grey knights, surely that would solve the problem.
So basically you are saying that the majority of the Inquisitors don't have the moral fiber to be what they are. That makes perfect sense. The Imperium isn't as pure as they think they are and not everyone is a Grey Knight. If the Emperor were to come back today he would end up purging the majority of mankind. You cannot eradicate Chaos because it was, essentially, created and is fueled by our emotions.

With that kind of monodominant attitude how do you expect the Imperium to survive without psykers? We know the kinds of problems they can cause. Not everyone Astartes and Inquisitor is a Grey Knight nor will it ever be like that. Again it's all about whether or not the end justifies the means. What if Quixos were successful? What about Thorianism? What if the Emperor were to talk again? Oh wait that's right. The Grey Knights have one purpose and that is to destroy the daemon. The universe is a lot more complicated for someone who isn't a giant, bio-engineered, brainwashed zealot in purity sealed armor. All Inquisitors want to do the same thing and that is to protect mankind against the myriad of enemies that threaten it. They just do it differently.
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As they say within the Holy Ordos. Everything you have been told is a lie. The Inquisition, contrary to popular, external and internal opinion, works best as a factionalized organization full of dark secrets, deceptions and lies. We now what they do and how they do it. I just don't think we'll ever really understand why or how they came to being.

If I remember correctly wasn't it two Thorians that were the first Inquisitors? They both wanted to bring the Emperor back but they chose two different paths. One scoured the universe for secrets while the other tried to use the power of the warp. Eventually they clashed and the one who was using the warp was defeated. She disappeared somewhere in the region of the Eye or frankly into the Eye itself while the other I have no idea. I might as well start a thread on the formation of the Inquisition.

Edit: Promeus and Moriana are the names of the resurrectionists.
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