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LORDS TOTAL: 1994pts
Orc Warboss 413
Light Armour
Enchanted Shield
Imbad's Iron Gnashas
Bigged's Kickin' Boots
Martog's Best Basha

Orc Big Boss 122
Light Armour
Battle Standard Bearer
War Banner

Night Goblin Shaman 100
2 Dispel Scrolls

27 Orc Boyz 184
Full Command

29 Orc Boyz 350
Additional Choppas
Big 'Uns
Nogg's Banner of Butchery

40 Night Goblins 230
Full Command
2 Fanatics

20 Night Goblins 105
Short Bows
Full Command

10 Goblin Spider Riders 160
Full Command

Snotling Horde 80
4 Snotling Bases

Goblin Rock Lobber 70

3 River Trolls 180

So far, I have the Nt Goblins, the Spiders, the Shield Boyz, the Shaman and the Big Boss. What should I change? I, personally, am a bit dubious about the lone Rock Lobber, but I'm not really sure what to put in it's place. Would I be better off with Azhag instead of the Wyvern boss? Or could he be on foot and spend the points on something else (e.g. Giant)?


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I'm afraid that I can't offer much apart from the following;

You can only have 1 dispel scroll, and if you are still allowed 3 fanatics in one unit (you used to be able to) then they might all be better going in your spearmen rather than one in the archers.

I've never even played against Orcs, never mind with them, so can't offer much else on the list. Apparantly Doom Divers are very good now...

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Imbads gnashas and the kickin boots are both enchanted items, so thats out. I would make him a black orc for the LD and the heavy armour, I would also say drop the Basha in exchange for porkos pigstikka, to really support your units with flanks, thats 7 str 6 attacks on the charge! Snotling hordes are REALLY not worth it with only T2 IMO, Give the orc boys with ADHW shields to protect them from shooting as well.
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