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This list is for my son (Who at 9 needs to keep it fairly simple)


Grimgor ironhide 375

Orc shamen lvl 4
Staff of baduumm, Effigy of mork, ulags akrit axe 315


BO boss, Shaggas screamin sword,shield. 139

BO BSB warboss um's boss at, Enchanted sheild, biting blade. 160

Ngob shamen lvl 2 staff of sneaky stealin. 133

Ngob boss, amulet of protectyness, martogs basha. 80

Ngob shamen, lvl2 dispel scroll,2 magic mushrooms, 110

Gobbo boss, wolf, brimstone bauble, backstabba's blade. 97


19 orcs, spear, sheild, full comd 163
lvl 4 shamen hides in here.

22 big un's, add choppa's
full comd, Nogg's banner of butchery 341
BO BSB + BO boss in here.

16 orc archers 96

16 orc archers 96

38 Ngobs, nets, spears, 3 fanatics full comd. 282
Ngob Shamen & big boss in here.

5 wolf riders 60
Holy handgrenade boss in here


1 wolf chariot 60
1 ngob shamen occasionaly rides this.

14 Black orcs, sheilds full comd waaagh banner. 298
Grimgors ablative wounds with hatred rerolls to help out.

20 Black orks full comd 298

2 orc chariots 160

Rock lobba+ bully 75


2 doomdivers 160

The common magic items might be out as I'm using the list in the orc book to simplify things for him rather than the new list.
The list is designed to do something in all the phases but not be to hard to use as he's only just started playing.
I've avoided using some of the weirder goblin stuff to keep the special rules down a bit.
He's still got loads of orc and goblin bits that I've not included either to keep things simple or the points down. At some point I'll have to let him use his giant but I'll wait for a few more games in.

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I'd give him a giant to play with. Nothing says RARGH I SMASH YOU like a giant.

Also, you sadly can't have the staff of baduum + effigy of mork on your orc shammie as they are both arcane items.

Other than that it's not too bad. I'd say if you want to keep it simple for his age, that there may be too many magic items in the list. lots of stuff to remember.there. But if he can remember it all it should serve him well.

I'd look at

Grimgor + Black orcs

lvl 4 orc + baduum

some orcs

more orcs

some night gobs

more night gobs

night goblin 50 block with bows + BSB w/ spider banner (teaches him volley poison)

wolfriders + explody boss



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I agree with Whizzwang, lots of magic can make it a bit complicated whereas lots of extra orcs or Goblins will keep it simple. While the Giant rules are not simple, it is really great to use! Enjoy the game.
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